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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. i tried really hard but couldnot hold myself back any longer.... this is what our "huge"snowstorm has reduced my luckymonster to. he went out,it was cold,he saw the decapitated snowman and then he came in to hide....i missed the shot of him trying to cram his fatsefl under a bunkbed....he just wouldntfit. doesnt he make a beautiful snowbunny :D and i like his ears flipped that way.

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  2. you know he's cute, know you want to smooch him.

    hey,... did i mention i saw a story about bulldog scateboarding. its all the rage in cali,...(so the animal channlel says) all the rage being,like 6 guys getting pulled on scateboards by pitbulls
    so of course, im thinking hey we got scateboards let the training begin.......well lets just say THAT freaked him out too and the command PULL means nothing to him. :)
  3. He looks like he's packing a lot of heat in the old cod sack region. Does the name 'Lucky' come from his relations to the lady pitbulls. As far as pitbulls goes, he may not be all that ugly.
  4. I think he's a cutie! I wish I could have a dog here.
    Instead I have my cat, which is just... A handful.
    He's not scared of storms, but he's deathly afraid of red/blue flashing lights, we learned that fast when a bunch of cops and a fire engine high tailed it down our street one night.. He usually sits in the window all night long but he cowered under the bed the whole night.

    He's a cutie :)~ I bet he *is* quite the ladies' man
  5. just cause l think he,s cute.:D...and no dresses or nuffin.
  6. hehehe he is a cutie i bet lotsa fun too!!
  7. lol critter.he was such a pup then.....and one of my favorite pictures of him
    btw, snow still reduces him to a pile of mush....
    and ive not dressed him up since halloween...*(someone has learned a little lesson about paybacks :D)

  8. he's grown up a little since then!!!!

  9. only a little ;)
    he still sits like that too......
    anyone elses dog try to sit like a person?

  10. No but I saw a horse sitting like that on a round hay bale last weekend. :D

  11. mine..... an what makes it even better.. not only does he act like a person... but he also thinks he's still a 5 lb lap dog...wich he's NOT!

    tryin havin 156lb's of hound get on your lap an then tell me how that feels, ugghh..... bastard..... ya gotta love em though

    p.s. - one of em got shaved last night... lets just say she' wasn't the happiest of all things....:D
  12. ...there...thats more like it!!...

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