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Snowboarding/skiing High

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by j420j420, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. So I'm a pretty big snowboarder and smoke my fair amount of bud so you might find it surprising that I've never gone high. I don't know why but it sorta just never worked out that way. Anyway I was wondering how much fun it is, I've sorta feel like it might not be that fun and might just ruin my trip if I get tired or anything, especially because snowboarding is more of an adrenaline rush type thing while usually smoking just makes me want to chill out and watch tv. I've also heard people say that they don't like boarding high for the reasons I just said but I see pretty much everyone one smoking on the mountain. Anyway I'm gonna try probably on saturday if I decide to go to the mountain, just wondering what to expect and how will it effect my boarding
  2. Also last weekend when I went around 3 me and my friends left to smoke and get lunch then come back, but after getting really tired from the sife and eating 3 whoppers I didn't really feel like heading back to the mountain and neigther did my friends so we decided to leave.
  3. i love to cut the powder when the feeling of each and together its pure it...skeet skeet
  4. well im a big bike ryder. like I go on 60 miles rides for fun. when Im high I feel like superman. i dont even remember there is a bike under me, its like im flying.
  5. I've skateboarded for like 5 or 6 years, I used to do like fucking 12 stairs and retarded gaps blown as fuck. Its so satisfying to land a trick on a skateboard, like 100 times more satisfying if your high. Nowadays, if I'm high and riding a skateboard I'm just cruising doing petty shit, which is equally fun.
  6. Its like the snow is a giant flame an your just a slice of butter sliding down the mountain. Until you fall or run ove a little girl!! Do it!!

  7. not to toot my own horn but i have been snowboarding since the early 90s and now can confindently ride a mountain without falling once, even if its a trick or jump....but in the beginning it hurt
  8. Love working on the Mt high, tree blazin all day
  9. When boardin or skiing with a blaze going remember: The Trees Are Not Your Friends.
  10. I blazed and went snowboarding a few days ago (second time boarding ever). I suck so couldn't tell you if it's any better. I love skateboarding after smoking though, it's my main hobby.
  11. Went snowboarding in Thredbo last year with two friends. On average, we smoked 5 joints each a day on the mountain, simply because it made it so much more incredible. We'd just hike off the trails a bit and light up there, and then just immediately board back down.
    Going snowboarding for 2 weeks in New Zealand later this year, going to do the same thing there :D
  12. Sounds fun.
  13. i snowboard regularly and im always blitzed out my mind. its so much more fun and you seem to not care what you try next. hard or easy.
  14. smoke a spliff on the lift
  15. Whenever I go skiing, which is 2-3 times a year, i always bring my one hitter and use it on the lift. It's always a great time, I can go down anything up to single back diamond haha while high, anything after that and its risky hahaha

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