Snowboarding High

Discussion in 'General' started by donuts, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. I Snowboarded for about 7-8 years, and can do any trail on a mountain. has anyone snowboarded or skied while high or buzzed? and how was is or is this just a really bad idea :p?
  2. Not for you. :p

    Edit: Give it a shot, but take me with you, so I can make sure you don't get too high. :p

    Plus you know I wanna try it.
  3. heh, ill be down for getting buzzed and chilling on the blues or greens. and take it from their
  4. ive never done it but i always used to smell the time i didnt smoke but always thought it would be sweet to do that i smoke i donno if id be able to board very well while high...maybe 1 hit or something but more than that id kill myself....rails, boxes, jumps dont seem safe to do high

    if i were just riding trails and stuff then i think id love to get ripped and try haha...could be fun
  5. On the contrary =]
    I snowboard quite a bit.
    Get high 95% of the time =P
    I win.
  6. its all planned out now

    we smoke up in the car at the parking lot and roll up a couple joints to pack with us, and then try and ride the greens and the blues and see how we do. if we suceed we have light up a few more times throughout the day. then come home and smoke up again and play halo 3, guitar hero 3, or rockband... or whatever game is out at the time :smoking::D

    o boy i cant wait!
  7. my god i have never seen so many people that dont smoke on the mountain lol

    ill go all over the mountain and blaze, from the side of a green run, to the steeps of a black run, or in the woods somewhere

    i can ride all over the mountain stoned too, the park is a little difficult but im just not that good to begin with at jumps and rails.

    definitely smoke on the mountain! :wave:
  8. I learned to snowboard high. Good times.
  9. In my opinion its pretty damn fun, theres a long ass gondola ride to the top were i normally go, perfect place to stay warm and blaze, dont forget to open the vents though or when the doors open at the top and smoke pours out people tend to laugh at you...
  10. How could you go out snowboarding and NOT get stoned? The one time I did I broke my hand. That's what you get for being impatient.
  11. Ahh... snowboarding, the memories...

    oh wait, no memories, i blacked out :D
  12. I've only snowboarded once and we where blazed the entire time was a blast.

    I Mountain board high often, its a great feeling flying down a hill hitting and hitting a jump plus I don't have to freeze my balls off while I do it :D
  13. I've done it once out of my many years snowboarding and all it did was get me exhausted after a couple runs..really didn't seem worth it

    Maybe if it was some real get you up and go shit it might have been different
  14. Oh, you gotta ride the Ganjola on the way up. :smoke:
  15. Thanks you guys, I am really anticipated for this trip:D
  16. Just don't fall too hard :p Or you gonna smoke again.
  17. Its amazing bro, especially through a terrain park with no jacket and the wind blowing at you, im pumped about this winter, supposedly madddd snow.
  18. yea i heard something about it being really cold this winter :D. and im not even going to attempt going into the terrain park while I am high :p. I WILL hurt myself in someway:(.
  19. Arapaho Basin is already open!! Too bad its just a few runs of shitty man made snow... not worth the trip, just cool cause it means the snow season is getting close!
  20. lucky, hunter mountain usually does not open until about mid November to get those conditions :( i take it your more out west then NY.

    EDIT: Yea i just realized your from Colorado (Lucky) always wanted to snowboard at Vail and do some of the back bowls their. best i have done was Killington Vermont, and holy shit was that mountain amazing

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