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Snowboarding and toking without getting caught?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheCrimsonKing, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. So i still live with my parents (yes, i'm 18) and it's gonna start snowing in like a month, so i can snowboard soon :). Basically my question is: how do i go home after tokin some NYC diesel bud at the slopes without stinking? Can i just rub some snow and dirt on my stuff? Take off my jacket and freeze my ass off while i toke? Ohh and is just sneaking to the woods on the side of the mountain pretty safe? Thanks.
  2. If you're smoking outside you shouldn't have to worry about any kind of smell after a few minutes.
  3. only thing you gotta worry bout is your breath.
  4. if your snowboard after you smoke your good, not to hard to find a safe spot on a ski hill
  5. I do this all the time... just smoke before you board and stay out there long enough for the smell to be gone, which can take 10 to 25 min. Just stay out is the key to not getting caught, and also you can take your jacket off before going inside. Happy boarding and toking bro! You will be good.
  6. Just smoke some bud on the chari lift up. Your going to be snowboarding at high speeds so it will lift the smell off your clothes.
  7. Alright thanks. Will a breathmint/coffee clear up my breath?
  8. Definetly. You seriously won't have to worry about MJ breath unless you blaze then go right up to your parents. It does not last long enough to matter to much. You will be fine.
    Smoke and board. Don't smoke (unless you can get away with it) right before you go home.
  9. Thanks! Can't wait for this season....
  10. i love snowboarding when im baked its so much fun, i useally just smoke in the ski left or just go off to the side and have a joint
  11. If you're smoking a J your sleeve might smell.. mine always did and that's how my mom would tell
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    dude holy fuck get one of those click and vapes (not really a vape just a lighter inside of a pen looking thing) you put your weed between these screens and click it wil light and your set .just pull it out click and toke then put it back in your pocket haha (;

    btw they cost like 10$ on amazon or something and its a torch lighter so i think its windproof.
  13. Haha I would never attempt to smoke a j on a mountain. Blunts or bowls. Blunts are for sure more convenient.
  14. Lucky bastard. My family used to go to colorado (keystone,vale,copper etc) every year and i miss that shit so much. Snowboarding is so damn chill.
  15. [quote name='"headsmaster"']

    Haha I would never attempt to smoke a j on a mountain. Blunts or bowls. Blunts are for sure more convenient.[/quote]

    What benefit does a blunt have over a joint on a mountain? LOL.
  16. Its always your breath and your hands/fingers that will get you caught. If you can get both of those covered, you should be able to play it off.
  17. Dude you should be good if your boarding for a bit after the toke session, Today was opening day at the resort i go to, and i lit a j over near the sun chairs where some ppl where smoking cigs, no problems what so ever even though i was looking out for employee's just in case.
    Blunts pipes joints its all good on the mountain just keep that lighter dry.
  18. Yeah, I feel Good for him. It's all very well coming all the way to the beautiful Snow skiing for a spot of skiing,
  19. I like to smoke a bit before I go trail running in the forest, we have these really sweet man-made trails near where I live. By the time I'm done, I smell like sweat and smelling like weed is the least of my worries.
  20. Roll around in the me, it'll help :)

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