Snowbank+2am+gun=scary shit

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  1. So (I'm half-awake but need to write this now so I don't forget too) It's 12 o clock and a school night and I had just left my girlfriends house in my non snow liking 200sx and I decide to drive the opposite way up her road to see what is up there. I get to the end of the road which was mainly uphill and curvy and realize theres nothing cool so I turn around and about halfway back to her house my car starts sliding. Im like :devious: alright johnny boy gotta recover this so i pull the e-break and get my car in a better angle to lessen the impact on the snowbank and I had almost recovered but it was too late. I dug myself in about 2 feet into the deep bank and was like ahhh fuck me life.:mad:

    After a half hour of trying to get it unstuck I decided its not happening and now 1 am i call my mom up and she told me i had to deal with it myself so I all up her bf mark and hes sleeping so im like fuck so i call there other friend rick and said if im still there at 3 he will come tow me up. Im like fuck that its a school night and I figured ill ask a neighbor. I take off my hoodie to be less intimidating so its now freezing as im in a sleevless t-shirt and cargo pants and I walk up a driveway and knock on the door. :eek:

    I am promplty greeted by a retired man with a loaded ruger and he's like dont try anything or ill have to do what i have to do. I explain to him my situation and he allows me into his house and has me sit down in front of him with his large german shepard growling at me :( and still a ruger pointed towards my stomach:cry:

    We start talking and hes telling me stories about home invasions and said that hes sorry for pulling a gun on me and I told him i perfectly understood and that in these rough economic times and being so far from a police station that you have to protect yourself. He doesnt have a tow rope so we waited outside by the cars for his neighbor to get home from work and he pulled me out I thanked them greatly and was on my way

    The next day i went to a autostore and bought a 30 dollar tow rope and went back to the house and gave it to the gentlemen and he than said that he is extremely sorry for pulling the gun on me but i once again explained to him that it was ok and that im sorry for shitting my pants on his doorstep. We both had a few good laughs after that and keep in touch every now and then through email.
  2. ehh uhhh in your dp is that the polish crest? ps good story
  3. The only question I have is

    Where the fuck is it snowing in June..


    Oh, Poland, lol
  4. lol this was 2 decembers ago

  5. :eek:
  6. haha if i could +rep i would:D
  7. haha thanks bro

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