Snowball vs Gun

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - DC Cop Waves Gun at Snowball Fight![/ame]

    You don't normally bring a gun to a snowball fight, this cop did.
  2. It wasn't snow, they were cocaine smugglers if you know what I mean.
  3. Haha, this ^^^^
  4. hahaha, they try and hit the one guy with a gun
  5. so dude drew his gun cause his truck got hit with a snowball? Im confused. doesnt seem reasonable to me though.
  6. fuckin cops. And that kid getting arrested for throwing a motherfucking snowball?? SAD WORLD MAN

  7. yea im confused as well, whats the story behind this
    edit: fuck the police and all that..
  8. i think that a whole bunch of people were having an open snowball fight and they hit a passing car, maybe on accident, and the car happened to belong to a detective, who continued to get out of his vehicle and drew a gun on the crowd that was having a snowball fight
  9. yeah regardless.

    he didnt need a gun. period.

    that guy was huge, he could of easily went over, talked to the kids. told them either leave, or ill have to handcuff you for disturbing th peace w.e

    it was kind of ridiculous to have a snowball fight in that area. it was like straight downtown. and the roads are fuckin shitty. last thing people need is kids running around chucking snowballs at cars and shit.
  10. American cops are strange. I've been to a few places in Europe, and the cops didn't act like this at all. It's like the cops here have less power, and feel the need to enforce it or hold it over our heads. The cops being a dick syndrome seems to be a purely American condition.

    When I was in Germany, the law is that if you're suspected of being drunk and driving, the cops can blood test you on the spot. If you refuse, they can take the blood test forcefully, if you catch my drift. They usually subdue the suspect with repeater-beaters, from what I've seen. The thing is, it's just business to them. The one time that I saw it happen, they seemed to regret doing it, and used the minimum amount of force required. And when it was over, they gave the guy some ice for his head and cleaned him up, and gave him an IV to help him recover from being drunk. They were as nice as they could possibly be.

    Edit: It's also worth mentioning that not all cops in the US are like this. I've had encounters with some that were very professional, even nice.
  11. they were anti-war protesters, and they were throwing snowballs back and forth across the street, at passing cars, etc.

    now i know this would piss a lot of people off.. but does a snowball hitting your car really justify pulling a gun, stopping in traffic, and yelling at people, not to mention the 2 or 3 times the cop shoved one of the people in the crowd? you can bet if it was me he shoved he would be getting a fuckin letter from my attorney. its mind blowing how much shit police officers get away with just because that is their job title, regardless of their actions.

    if i had done the same thing that cop did id have gone to jail. but i bet the cop didnt even get a word from his boss over it.

  12. I love that one guy in the mask thats just like "FUCK YOU YOU FUCKIN PIG" GO BACK TO YOUR CAR YOU FUCKIN PIG" haha greatness.
  13. Whats sad is the kid getting arrested is probably getting charged with assaulting a police officer.
  14. Yeah I liked the one guy who yelled out, "What are you going to do? Shoot the fucking sky?"
  15. Fucking pig should have been shot in the kneecap.

  16. I actually just heard this story on the news a few minutes ago as well and they said he received "desk duty"
    and they are holding his gun and badge for a while.

    This is all.

    Piece of shit... At least the real cops weren't jackasses, but at the same time they honestly should of arrested the off duty detective for drawing his gun like that. That in itself could be considered disturbing the peace because think about it. That off duty detective is just like a fucking civilian having a carry and CONCEAL. Fucker pulled it out over a snowball? Fucker should be in jail for at least 24 hours.
  17. Wow, I live like 30 minutes away from D.C. and it's so sad to see a cop acting so out of line in the nations capital. So cops hate two things that aren't harmful, snowballs and marijuana. To serve and protect right? Fire him.

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