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snowball fight game

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. anyone good at snowball fights?......i used to love a good snowball fight.........we had nearly the whole pub out one night, having one in the out.........Sid
  2. yes... i am quite good at snow ball fights... :D

    ::hit's sid with a snowball::


    ::runs and hides::


    sid got boofed! :D
  3. I died in the bonus round...
  4. I love snowball fights.

    ::: finds Cotton's hiding spot ::::

    ::: nails Cotton's in his big ol' head with a big hard snowball soaked in bong water and coated with feathers :::


    (HAHA, that's what you get for hitting Sid out of the blue like that!)

    Side note: On the news the other night, they showed a picture that was in some paper in New York of a person selling snowballs for a buck each on the street. It was funny. I'd pay a dollar to have a quick snowball to peg someone in the head with if I was too busy to make one myself! :D
  5. ahh, off to a new start, thanks RUMJIL :)

    wait a minute, they are all there!
  6. Never played in snow.... so i wouldnt know if im good.

  7. It takes a little while before the # changes. It's a system thing, I think. They're not really there.

  8. That's a shame!!!!! :(

    :::: nails Hausen right in the middle of the back with a big juicy snowball ::::


    ::: runs and hides :::

    (You'll never find me since I have to go hide at work!!!! ;) )
  9. hausen where are you? that you've never had snow before.......Peace out.........Sid
  10. damn... now i smell like bong juice...

    ::scrapes snow off head and puts in bong chamber::

    i guess i'll have to smoke this bong by my self then... seeing as how rumjilly's hidin on us :p
  11. yeah, i jUST walked in the door from buying 2 grams of yummy goodness, im going to rolla joint and play more of that game

    edit, i got to the bonus round and died :)
  12. omg, i must be really good when really stoned, cuz im really stoned and i stopped playing cuz i kept beating it, i got to like, the 10th bonus level, no joke!
  13. yeah i got to like the nineth and gave you get used to it, it's quite easy.......Pecde out........Sid
  14. yeah, i made a strategy, i grab all my guys real quick and drop them out of harms reach in the botton left hand corner, and just slowly sneek up on each guy, watching when he is about to throw so you will know RIGHT where to jump in and make the kill, plus if you hold the clicker on FULL blast and then like triple click real fast after letting go, you get a cool shooting thing, try it

  15. Your aim sucks!!! ;)

    ::: BAM! hits IMMothership with a juicy green snowball :::

    You had better share that bong with me, Cotton's...I have more snowballs soaked in bong water waiting for you, dude! :p
  16. *runs up behind rumjil and drops a snowball down the back of her shirt.*


  17. When I play, I play hard....

    :::: sneaks up on Stylez, pulls the front of his pants out and shoves 2 snowballs right in his boxers (or briefs or boxer briefs) ::::

    Great way to get blue balls, huh??? LMAO!

    (You can't get me back cause I'm crawling into bed!!!! Na na na na boo boo.!)

  18. ***catches a flying snowball to use to cool his bong water***

  19. yeah... but i have a BONG filled with bong water... water's more penetrating when it's NOT frozen :D


    but what the hell? 'tis the season afterall...

    ::hands EMPTY bong to rmjl::


    ::hobbles away and hides in a better spot this time::
  20. ::hobbles up to IMMothership and RMJL with fat bag of sparkley nuggies::

    lmao... i was just fuckin around. merry christmas...

    ::hobbles away before being pelted with snowballs::

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