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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by chronicACIDrock, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Hey guys I've been looking for a good seedbank for lowryders this one looks pretty legit although i posted in there forums and got a call from the police 3 days later saying that they saw my post and had suspicion of drug growing and usage at my home:confused: anyone order from there. also anyone kno where i can get lowryder seeds ?

  2. That sounds like a prank call to me. Police do not warn people who are under suspicion or being investigated.
  3. nah man they like knew what i ordered on the internet i ordered papers and a spoon and stuff and they read the orders and numbers to me. and i told no one about my orders. also they were basically telling me they saw my post on the forum and were warning me i don't know who would waste there time finding it all out.
  4. hmmm... could be a shady site's way of taking your money and running. i know i've at least seen a few websites reselling $20 nirvana strains as "originals" for up to $75 so it wouldn't surprise me that someone set up a snatch & grab site.

    i've NEVER heard of anyone being contacted by the police ever. did you leave your personal info at the forum? NEVER give that out anywhere you go that has anything to do with weed.

    was it a canadian bank? that could be it too because the US has it's nose all up canada's butt there. they ILLEGALY arrested canadian seedbank owner marc emory and got away with it even though the US has no jurisdiction there.

    i've recently seen a site that looks like marc's old site, so i stayed away from it because i haven't heard where his court case went/is going and i know the feds siezed his records an i heard that they went after some customers too.

    are you POSITIVE that you told no-one and that no-one has access to your computer? it wouldn't be hard for a tech saavy room-mate to get into your PC and track your transaction.

    one last possibility is you have a keylogging virus and some hacker is messing with you. are you on top of your PC 's security?
  5. well the drchronic prob is the most trust worhty site ive used.. along being the only on ive used.. but yea they deliver secretly and quickly.. to the US as well.
  6. yea I was looking at doctor chronic and thought of ordering.
    also i never give my info away on the web unless ordering something of course.
    it was an Amsterdam seedbank
    and i thought it was soooo weird that i got that call but it wasn't a prank I'm still stumped on how they found out
    thats it i think:D
    thanks for you're feedback though id love to find out a good cheap seedbank

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