snow, the mortal enemy of education

Discussion in 'General' started by mooglekexin, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. yey, no education for me. the land of education was closed at lunch and its gonna be closed tommorow too.

    but i do have exams coming up...

    ah well, fuck 'em
  2. ah snow, the evil of air cooled vw drivers :p
  3. Couldn't work today.. Tommorrow doesn't look goo either!!!
  4. more time in the city then !!!
  5. I woke up today after not bein in skool for 2 days ill, and i dont gotta go to skool again cause its snowin :-D w00000t!
  6. dammit I'm getting ready to walk my ass out through the cold and go to class. you guys suck.
  7. We don't cancel school for snow, not unless its more then 3 feet! The school board and the mayor got into an arguement if they should close schools on a day when then wind chill was -40+!!! Needless to say, someone forced them to shut it down... I think the buses just wouldn't start up (thats way to cold for diesel I'm pretty sure)
  8. I was banking on a snow day today, but no go on that. Had class before 10.

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