Snow!!! (skiers/boarders)

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  1. Yes that's right it's already snowing here in Colorado...

    Where's my fellow skiers and boarders? Who's stoked for the upcoming season and where do you love to ride? Also what kind of gear do you have?

    I grew up in Vail so to me nothing beats that mountain, although Breckenridge comes close cause that town is just sick as hell, sick park and sick terrain. I have some Salomon Pocket rockets which are pretty old and I just picked up some of their new 2009 Suspects for really cheap...

    Lets see some snow love!!

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  2. yah man, this year is going to be awesome. I've grown up skiing Wolf Creek mostly. I like Monarch a bit too.

    So stoked for this year. We haven't had any snow yet.
  3. I spend almost every weekend during the winter up in Park City, Utah to board.

    Can't wait for the snow to get here. Everything will be white by mid-October :D
  4. I ride Hunter Mtn. in NY and Mt. Creek in Jerz. I'm so stoked for this season. I'm going out to Breckenridge for a week this winter as well and I can't wait to shred the fresh powder out there!
  5. I am going to school in the middle of the desert, so no snowboarding for me this year. Maybe over break. I am from Salt Lake City, and I love going to Snowbird... Remember, The bird is the word.
  6. vail is awesome, but my favorite is steamboat. great town and a great mountain
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    I'm a skier for life!

    Live up in lake tahoe California!!

    I usually get season passes to squaw valley...
  8. Yes. Utah is the shit, you guys have so many mountains within a 30min drive in Salt Lake. In Colorado you have to drive hours to go to different mountains.

    Snowbird is very sick, I usually try to make it out to Utah at least once a year and hit up the snow there. And Snowbird is my personal favorite mountain in Utah

    Ugh! I hate Steamboat haha. It's just a weird place, and weird mountain. Good skiing though.

    Tahoe is awesome! My cousin moved to Truckee (sp?) and he loves it there. I've yet to ski out in Cali but I plan to sometime soon.
  9. Its nice, the snow over here is a lot wetter and heavier than out in UTAH or CO (the only other two places ive skid)

    some of the best skiing I have had was in telluride. Snowbird ranks up there too. However you just cant beat the mountain town vibe that tahoe has..
  10. is that up in the foothills, or up in silverthorne? its not cold enough in the fort for snow...

    i ride a Burton Baron ES (Custom X before they renamed it) with Burton SLX boots and Burton C60 bindings.

    im a Burton man :p
  11. i was talking to snap.

    its snowing up in the foothills/mountains but down on the front range, it isnt cold enough (its ~40-45) for snow quite yet. maybe during the night well get some snow.

    i was asking where he took those pictures.
  12. oh.

    I wish i lived in CO such a gorgeous state.

    and all of the boarders, abandon the board and get on skis! :D
  13. i took them up on Vail pass. It stopped snowing awhile ago though.

    Which pass you getting this year?
  14. free riders represent!

    i ride a 161cm GNU carbon highbeam with 08 burton freestyles.

    i love doing sweeping carves down a good run, one of the best feelings ever.
  15. Colorado, unless my momma wants to buy me an epic pass :p

  16. Hells yea.

    Whew, good at least you're not getting that other crappy pass for Winter Park, Steamboat, Copper Mountain like everyone else in Foco.

    Beg your mom for the Epic though lol, that's what I'm doing.
  17. i hate WP and Copper, such crap snow and runs.. ewwwww

    and i most definately will, i want to hit up Beaver Creek as muuuuch as possible :metal:
  18. on a side note, anyone like skiing on acid?

    probably not the safest thing and I suck when on it, but on just one hit its amazing!

    I probably look horrible though haha.
  19. Yes. The Beav is soooo sick. lol this thread is getting me so excited for ski season.

    I've never tried but I will sometime lol. I love skiing blazzed as fuck though. Vail use to have this bubble on one of the lifts, we used to hot box the shit out of it. Then a couple years ago they took them all off. :( Sad day.

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