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Snow on Rooftops

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, being in a mild climate and not having to deal with snow or the cold that comes with...we had a major bust up here and you know how they caught them?

    All the houses around theirs had snow on top of the roofs and theirs had none. Now is that a good indicator some one's growing?

    MY LHM just told me the peak of his rooftop is melted and the other houses still have snow. He vents is bad air to the attic.....time to move something we think.

    Just a litte something to look out for.
  2. damn they'll think of anything to catch you's guys over there eh?.........i'm not too bad, i'm in an apartment......Peace out.......Sid
  3. HIGH All, ya it's starting to freak us out!!!!! We usally don't get snow and shit who would have though?
  4. thats a bummer for those who got busted, but you got lucky hearin that before it happens to ya, hope ya dont get caught, good luck :p
  5. very interesting....
    and so simple its scary,
    id have never thought about that.
    dam :rolleyes: snow
  6. You might want to get some of those wires that you staple on your roof that warm up and melt the snow so you can just say thats is what is causing it.
  7. Please everybody, do not get caught like that. That fucken sucks...
  8. now im so happy LA dont get snow.. but that dose sucks for people who grow, and get snow.........................
  9. Motherf*cker, man! I never thought about that!

    Thanks for posting, UNOIT!!!! :)
  10. thats crazy....i guess you have to truely watch every angle... good luck an thanks for the thoughts...:)

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