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snow days

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brian hobo, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. so this morning i woke up to the excellent news that school was canceled. wahoo! snow days are so awesome, for 2 reasons
    a) shoveling snow=money=weed
    b) not being in school=time=smoke weed

    me and my brother shoveled 6 driveways and ended up with $50 each. now since my mom works at home, i barely have any opportunities to smoke at home. but i have a friend down the street and both his parents work, so he's home alone with his sister. and his sister smokes. she's way cool and doesnt care about what we do.

    i just wanted to post based on my heading over to his house now, ill let you guys know what goes down.
  2. I used to love the snow days! I wish I could still get a snow day, but that was many moons ago young grasshopper. :D Enjoy gettin' your buzz on!
  3. Where you at? I got dismissed from school today, at like 12:30 which is real late but theres some stupid rule about once the lunches start getting made we cant get dismissed until after all lunches have been served. But an our and a half early isnt bad atleast i didnt have to sit through history.

    But on the bad side roads are shitty as hell so i cant pick anything up today

    on a good note this means there will be very little people who go out to eat and ill most likely get off work early

    All and all im digging the snow today.
  4. I love snow days because of the snow... its so sweet to smoke through~ rather than ice
  5. i know, pretty sweet, ive just been resting all day, and i got work in a hour and a half... what a waste of a perfect day, might hang with some chics before work... or not i dunno...
  6. I hate you.
  7. i had a snow day today. i bought me a bag and it was pretty damn sweet cus i got to use my new home made bong again. which actually i bielive it is the same bong brian hobo showed me how to make on one of his posts. its the on with the jar and all.
  8. I had a snowday on Friday. Had no money for trees but my buddy smoked up three fat bongs. I was gone.
  9. We had a "snow" day yesterday, school was closed cuz it was a little icy outside. They've been getting delays and closing alot lately.

  10. HIGH All, *LOL* sounded like me 30 years ago *LOL* Just what we did Also brian hobo..thanks for bringing me back in time.

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