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snow cap

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by totaltokin, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. i'm wondering here if anyone has had the pleasure of smoking snow cap because i've smoked alot of dank and nothing even sits in the same category of this shit. i would start to explain what it was like after i ripped a zong but it would be too long. pretty much i got up thinking i was going to puke and i got so high so fast i felt like i had been hit with a stupid stick. oh ya i also had trouble breathing for a good minute or to. it was just so potent it was so hard to take. i can't wait to get my hands on a zip even though its 525 its absolutely worth it. i'd pay 650. the shit comes from beverly hills via the post office. ya i know sounds fishy but take my word for it. i feel high just thinking about it. haha sorry just let me know if you've had any experiences with weed like that. the grand daddy purp from the same guy is supposed to be better but i haven't gotten my hands on it yet.
  2. snowcap is my favorite strain too. the smell and taste are totally unique. but fuckin a 525 a zip is ridicolous man unless its the straight god dank.
  3. my lungs felt like straight shriveled up raisins
    it was's like god and the devil came together and made the best dank possible.
    lets just say it comes from a rapper
    its good enough he puts the shit in smell lock crazy ass packaging and mails it

    and to be honest i couldn't even taste it because i was just so high my mind was chasing it's tail. and i sat there and whimpered pretty much because it felt like i had a ton of rocks on my lungs. it was so good it's unpleasant to smoke. but amazing because you get so high
  4. i was at a friend's house, who just recently moved back to the bay bcause of personal issues, smoked me out with some snowcap. the nugs were real dense and had lots of red calyxes on the inside of the nugs. when you smoke it it makes you choke and tastes real dank. ive also seen snowcap that was way more light green and white, and ive seen some snowcap tghat was kinda wet but had lots of trichs goin for like 120 a half
  5. i get granddaddy purps down here all the time its a good strain. its supper bomb and very skunky smelling. never had or even heard of snow cap yet.
  6. I'm being gifted some snow cap rooted clones in a few days.Anyone have an idea of the yield with say a month veg,a.n. nutes, and hempy buckets?I just chopped and hung 10 gdp.I've only smoked the small buds, but holy shite.I'm half scared of the colas.They were all 10 inches long.Two bongs of the popcorn and I'm done.I MADE BUTTER OUTTA THE TRIM.Sometimes butter don't work for me and it''s a wasted half oz.I took a healthy chunk this of butter this morninf at 4 a.m. and I'm still groggy.If snowcap is as good as GDP, I'm a campy hamper.Got a few bubba clones ffrom supposedly the strain coming with.Aint green cards great?

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