snow cap clone wiltin

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    went from this to... the bottom front one:confused:
    originally it did look like this after transplant shock from 400w mh closet then i put in a dome w/ flouz (cus i saw no mor roots out of tha cube)and it looked good. when i took it out it lasted couple days then i put into dome longer but had to give dome bak to owner so i left it out. this pic is current which sc took a week to look like this. i did notice a few roots out so its still kritikal. i do need a hygrometer to check humidity but these small pots do sit on a heat pad in a flo-cabinet under 4' flouz @ 70-80F. need help savin this baby thats been here since 3/11/06 along wit my cali-o which is worse than b4 since it shoked after transplant too. i will post co pix next time.
  2. looks pretty fucked to me. It's probably beyond hope. You may have had it too humid for too long and it rotted. Also, if you look at the temp, it's pretty hot in there PLUS you have it on a heating mat.
  3. Yeah man.
    That plant is probably not going to make it. You might want to transplant the other ones to a bigger pot. When you do take a look at the roots to make sure there is no root rot. Why were they in a dome? If they were clones, you only need to keep them in the dome until they are rooted. Once they have rooted the dome should be removed.
  4. thanx for the info. the clone was put bak into a dome cus i saw no roots comin out. so i tried gettin some out. i also seen it get better in there and bad when its out. i definitely need hygrometer but i neva had probz b4 wit others that are now in flowerin stage. i do want to add that i saw a couple of roots out b4 tha last dome use. so it definetly worked for me. but this particular girlie has stopped growin for a while. i believe it was usin all its energy makin nu roots? i did let it dry up good just in case it was overwatered and yesterday i watered it cus soil really needed it. i did redo my flou-cab w/ mylar and a better 4' fixture cus i noticed the lights were not as strong as i first used it. now the 2-40w lites are in its original fixture nice and strong. havnt got the heat pad connected this time. the heat is still up there cus its been warm lately here in california. old flocab temps from 70 to 80F w/ 24/0 cycle. as far as the other one in tha bakground it will get transplanted soon along w/ 2 others. those 3 i plan to put under 12/12 closet i got and pullem out for mor light time under flou-cab. just a thought for now as i dont hav a veg closet setup yet.

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