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Snow bong!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by SamsonSimson, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. I'm excited for winter because it means I get to do a snow bong!

    How to do a snow bong:
    1) Wait for snow
    2) Go Outside
    3) Go back inside, get your bong (already high)
    4) Go back outside, fill bong with snow tightly
    5) Go back inside (it's cold)
    6) Do bong rips

    It's like a big filter made of ice. So tasty, the first time I did it I didn't realize i was hitting it til I exhaled. Yum. Try it.
  2. I love snow in my bong.
  3. Hmmm... I want to pack some snow into my bong, but I don't know how to do it? :devious:. OHH WAIT:hello: THERE IS A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO PUT SNOW IN MY BONG ON GRASS CITY! WOO HOO! haha sorry I am just really stoned.

    Well anyways I love snow in my bong also. It is very smooth and it just feels like a breath of cold air.
  4. yay.. one of the only things i like about the snow.... :) i cant wait
  5. FLORIDIAN RAGGEEEE!!!!!!! Grr..
  6. HAHA, snow bongs are sick, I lived at a ski resort near tahoe ca and snow is the way to go. as opposed to cubed ice where the smoke easily passes around it, the amount of snow surface area that the smoke touches is astronomically bigger resulting in a much colder smoother hit.
  7. good blender + ice cubes = just as good for us desert folks
  8. Rub it in why don't ya? Lol.

    Note to self: Climb to the top of Mt. Everest and toke it up.
  9. and dont you smoke that yellow snow.

    Yeah I love snow bongs. We have long cold winters so im set for like 5 months.

    Soooo Smooth.
  10. Im so glad i just got a bong lol and since i live in MD we getagood amount of snow!! but can you just like pack the snow in and have no water? or just above the ice pinches?
  11. oooh ye

    its already snowed twice but didnt stick hah

    main reason i got the splashguard :D:smoking::smoking:
  12. sick idea man..when the first snow comes im packing my illy with some !
  13. Is there a link to the thread that teaches you how to put snow in your bong?
  14. When I first looked at this I thought you were going to have some kind of crazy bong that was constructed out of snow. I think i want to try that now, haha
  15. I made one yesterday morning. There were a lot of ice crystals in my icebox so I scooped them up and loaded it into my bong. Smoothest hit I have ever had out of that piece. Most of the time I will just put the snow in my bong just like I was putting ice in it and I fill the bottom up with water. Some people prefer to fill the hole thing up with ice but thats just way too much drag for me.
  16. hahahaha so you watch for snow, then run outside, then run back INSIDE, then go out and fill bong? I think that first part just gonna have you running back and forth like a fool.
  17. yea but ya gotta go roll around in the snow first for extra effect:D
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    I do love me a snow bong. Too bad it hasn't really snowed in a while.

    I mean a real snow bong. Where you pack a good pile of snow and carve a nice bong into it. Fill it with a little water and good times will ensue.
  19. Mmmm... sounds nice. I can't wait for snow. Except when I have to drive in it. But snow bongs...woo!
  20. Hell yeah. Those hits are so smoooth. Its like a cold velvet fog rolling through your lungs.

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