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  1. Hey everyone - i'm gonna take adderall today to get some work done, but I kinda feel like snorting it...the only problem is that I don't know how! I mean I know the general concept but I guess I just wanna know that I'm doing it right. I'm using 20 mg adderall XR. thanks!
  2. I've never snorted myself, but I believe you just close one nostril and do your best to snort that shit into your mucas membranes. I think if you make sure you get it up there you're good... lol
  3. if its the one with the balls/beads in it the take thim out put thim in a pile and crush em up into an power then nort em
  4. Wrong forum man...this is Recreational Marijuana Use, your post should be in General.
  5. took it right out of my mouth
  6. I know this is in wrong forum, but when my friend got some vicatin we snorted some with my friends sister and him and you just crush it up till its really powdery, and then get a dollar bill make sure its rolled up really tight in a circular thing and put that like in your nose pretty good then go up to the substance that is now in powder and hold one nostrol close(the one that doesnt have the dollar) and snort snort snort
  7. p.s. anyone who can't figure out how to snort something shouldn't be snorting ANYTHING.

    k later
  8. Whoops sorry it was in the wrong forum! I'm new here...thanks for all your help everyone.
  9. haha yea i kno thats true as hell

  10. That's the truth man. If you don't know how to use a drug, you haven't put enought research into it. I put alot of research in everything b4 putting anything in my body.
  11. with adderal, make sure you crush up the beads
  12. Use a spoon or the like to crush em up. Spoon always works the best for me.
  13. I always use a razor to get it as fine as possible, snag a rail, put your nostril up close and imagine your trying to keep a dribbler up there.
  14. close one nostrill and inhale through your nose really really hard so that you get it all the way up there.
  15. I know this is a little off topic but how do I ride a tricycle?

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