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snorting the roach

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WUNNERZ, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I know what your thinking but you arent literaly snorting a roach, your inhaling resin build up off the roach
    and i know its pretty junkie, but its a real easy way to fuk your self up hard without smoking all your dope

    and trust me, its well worth it

    How to snort a roach:

    1. smoke a spliff
    2. get the roach and unroll it
    3. find the bits covered in resin
    4. get alighter
    5. light up the bit of roach with the resin on it
    6. stick it under your nose
    7. block one nostril
    8. snort
    9. cringe in disgust
  2. This is the stupidest thing I've ever read.
  3. i cant tell if this is a troll or if he is a new breed of dumbass
  4. Moron you don't snort resin.

  5. i think he means light it and inhale the smoke through your nose. dunno why he said snort. either way, stupid.
  6. honestly pretty much a waste of time, barely any thc content absorbed putting it up your nose,
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lmfao

  8. Hahaha. So much wrong with this...
  9. this thread deserves a big WTF!??!?!?
  10. My friend DIED trying this, please no one do this.
  11. Which begs the question, why do we not have a forum below Apprentice smokers?
  12. why would u ever want to do this? I love step number 9. Just smoke it why would u want to inhale the sidestream smoke through ur nose? just get a roach clip and smoke that shit
  13. There are not enough facepalms in this world for this.
  14. lol

    what ever works for you man :wave:
  15. I mean, I usually just put my roaches in a bowl and smoke them, but whatever works for you man...
  16. i second ^^this^^ notion :wave:
  17. im not going to be immature, but..... This is probably the dumbest thing ive ever heard. You have not only endangered yourself, but are now endangering every person that reads this and takes you seriously. If you wanna smoke your roaches, put them in a bowl. Snorting anything is a bad idea and can cause brain damage, which is probably why you feel high. Do us all a favor and edit your post to something less ignorant. Thank you for contributing to the ideology of the "dumb stoner."

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