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Snorting Ritalin/Metadate

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by IRFdude, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I have aquired a bottle of a decent amount of 20 MG metadates, which uses the same drug that is found in Ritalin. Erowid said railing around 15-20 MG should get me feeling it, but it's been about 10 minutes and I don't feel much. Except I think my heart kinda skipped a beat or two... Which I don't like.

    Whats the dealio? Anyone ever done this?

    Oh I just checked and they are from 2002... can it expire?
  2. Shit dude, I'd be railing 50-60mg. Are they IR?
  3. they lose potency over the years so you gotta do more to get the effects.
  4. Oh... interesting. I just did another 20 MG line... Guess i'll do another ;)

    I shall report back later.
  5. please do. Enjoy that shit, It's one of my favourite addictions.
  6. What's IR? It says, Metadate. Tab 20 MG ER
    Substitute for Ritalin SR
  7. Instant Release, you have Extended release tablets.
  8. it doesnt make a difference when you snort it does it?
  9. Thanks, does that mean that snorting will not effectively working?
  10. Well, from my experience I've found no difference, just get jelly clogging your nose. That's about it.
  11. I'm noticing that haha.

    I'll come back later if anything happens, but until then, thanks all
  12. No problem, enjoy those fuckers.
  13. i used to snort a line of ritalin before going to serve my community service time

    those offices were the cleanest lol

    if you dont want to fuck up your nose you can alsudo them sublingually(under the tounge)
  14. So Ritalin is actually useful to use as a recreational (study aid) stimulant?

    A friend of mine was offered some 20mg IR tablets for ~$3 each. Is this a good deal? Could one snort/eat these for a good stimulant effect?
  15. I've never bought ritalin so I wouldn't know the prices. But yeah, it's a pretty good stimulant. I love railing 10's and 20's all day.

  16. it stimulates the central nervous system makes you pay attention to details, dont know about memory

    but if your looking for a physical stimulation go for amphetamine
  17. From the research I did, it's supposed to be like a low level cocaine with a not so bad crash, since it releases dopemine. However i've felt nothing from what i've done so far, so I don't recomend it.

  18. from what i read uve done abouyt 40 mg right?

    i used to just suck on concerta and id be feelingit at ~10mg ingestion

    could have lost most potency aswell

    for 3 for 20mg id go for it its definately something to try once it will make you a tad OCD tho
  19. I must say it has made me alert though, and doesn't help my insomnia (but I knew that before I did it... smart eh?)

    I'm alert, i'm not hungry even though I haven't eaten in 11 hours. I might just take one or 2 in the morning every day as a diet thing and to help at work/school.
  20. Hmm interesting, your right it probably has lost most of it's potency. At least I have some minor benefit for it

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