snorting oxycodone

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by DoblazE, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. and then smoking weed? we almost come down from some weed earlier, I popped a 10mg oxycodone already, and my friend crushed one and were splitting it, snorting it, then smoking a little more weed.

    is that k?
  2. sounds fun

    stay high my friend :D
  3. it wont burn right?
  4. just do it man, it will make you fuzzy.
  5. why dont you just parachute it up the ass and say bombs away!
  6. Hahahahaha!!
    I just snorted it with my buddy (Cannabis Corpse), I do feel fuzzy!

    Doesn't burn at all..
  7. it was weird i was all numb and warm and shit
  8. Snorting oxycodone is very common. I suggest parachuting the next time you get ahold of any. Rip off a small piece of a tissue and put the pill powder on it. Then wrap it around so that it's a little ball at the end, like those little white things that people throw on the ground and they make a big ol' "POP!"

    Then swallow (with some liquid, of course).

    Be careful with how often you're taking this if you aren't prescribed it. Extremely addictive.
  9. my friens snorts them all the time. but if you go to beaverton ( 30 min from where i live) you can pop them off for more expensive and people smoke them. crush it up put it on tinfoil and burn the bottom of the tin foil. fuckin crack heads!
  10. Yes, I decided to use it once every 3-4 weeks maybe, if it's around me.
  11. orhjiasofahfuaphfafpasfahfphpa
  12. hell yeah. you're going to have some fun
  13. Ahaha I did the most of out the 3 of us who did it, 2 big phat lines.

    I was hella fucking numb and couldn't feel shit ahaha
  14. chyeahh.:cool:
  15. what kinda oxycodones are the name brand OC 10's. pretty much any oxycodone without apap is good to sniff.
  16. i have one more and i want to snort it tonight. but i dont have a straw and i need to be in silent mode about it.

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