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Snorting Hydrocodone and Oxycodone...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by applecast, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. so, here's the deal, i used to do a fair amount of painkillers...and i always prefered eating them over snorting them.
    i don't know why, but when i snorted hydrocodone or oxycodone, i never, ever, ever felt anything...no matter if i did a whole pill...usually 325 or 500 mg.

    i mean, everyone else i've ever seen snort any kind of pill have been fucked up so hard off of just one or two lines...and it's not like i'm snorting them wrong......what the hell?

    just wondering if anyone else here has ever been in this situation....
    it's extremely strange, as far as i'm concerned.
  2. Its really bad to snort acetaminophen. 325/500mg is how much acetaminophen is in the pill. They come in 5/7.5/10mg of hydrocodone. If you want to snort painkillers get some roxies or oxys.

    Your friends werent fucked up, its called placebo
  3. i know full well the amounts of the actual drug in the pills, and that they are mostly acetaminophen.

    well, if you really think it was placebo that's cool.
    but, uhhh....the drug is still there...
    why would i buy a $50 oxy when i can get hydrocodone for $4 a pop and have just as much fun without the risk?
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    Without risk?There is still most definitely bad things that can happen:rolleyes:

    I dont know why you didnt feel it,unless you just didnt do it right.I have no idea how someone couldnt snort something up there noses correctly but I have been wrong before.

    I get more mg's of OC for less than what if I were to pay for Hdyrocodones.

    Me,I just take them orally.If its the Hydrocodone I will split it into halfs.If it contains only acetaminophen I will chew them up.
  5. Well the reason you never felt anything from snorting a whole 325 or 500mg is because it was tylenol. You just dont snort tylenol its not good for you.
  6. haha your friends a fucktards. stick to the oxy sir :)
  7. haha your friends r fucktards. stick to the oxy sir :)
  8. If someone blew down 2 lines of hydro and said they were fucked up I'd probably just laugh at them.
  9. is anyone in the madison area still able to help a fella in need out?... PM or email me pleeeease w/d's started last night, im a hurtin unit today.

  10. You only have one post and you've already fucked up.

  11. Next time parachute it.
  12. Don't reply to this thread its way against the rules. Some noob bumped an old thread from before the rules change
  13. Bro anything you snort you should stay away from.
    Get back to me when they've invented a snortable thc
    Plus the recent media buzz should show you how bad meds are.
    Plus more people diefrom Med overdoses than legal ones.
  14. Lol a fuckin cop bumped this shit , but say no to drugs guys except for Mary <3
  15. Fuck yea man, get a knife and a credit card, turn that shit into powder, put it in weed. = profit. I got Lortabs, Demorol, and Promethazine, mixed into a pack right now. Bout to be ripped try it.
  16. HEY

    i guess no one realizes when someone revives a dead rule breaking thread, and you post in it... you risk punishment....

    Come on now....
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