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Snorting caffeine

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Yaysatan101, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. I'm going to do it, so if you don't like it: GTFO.

    I bought some NO DOZ caffeine pills and tomorrow morning I'm gonna snort some. Just wondering if anyone has done this and how does duration/intensity/dosage compare to oral use?

    Also please don't comment about how janky snorting caffeine is. It's not gonna be my prefered method of ingestion, I just want to try it at least once. It's one of the things I wanna try during my life.
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    Ummm... Have fun?

    Have fun being jittery and irritable for the rest of the day, heart racing, burning nasal cavities, the whole tomale. If your expecting some sort of high, then no, just no.
  3. i used to blow no doz all the time before i fought someone and it makes you tapped, not caring when u get hit and go berserk on people lol.

  4. Haha nice. How much would you blow?
  5. How many are you going to snort?
  6. lmao just because it come in a pill form. dosen't mean u should snort it lol might help u in the long run

  7. I haven't decided yet.
  8. I'm not proud of it, but I've done it a fair bit in my day.

    It's not worth it at all, unless you have pure caffeine (as opposed to crushed up caffeine pills full of binders.) Start small, as it will hit you way harder than just taking it orally does. Of course, I don't even need to tell you that because you will start small...it burns like a bitch.

  9. I've been told of the burn before. I still wanna experience it. And how small? Around 20mg to start?

    I don't have pure caffeine, nor am I gonna put extraction effort into this.
  10. Eh honestly it doesn't need to be a precision thing. You'll get roughly a fuckton of powder from crushing 1 pill, but yeah do somewhere between 20 and 40 at first and see where that puts you and then decide from there.

    It's hard to give you any real numbers because caffeine tolerances vary soooooo drastically, as levels of caffeine intake vary soooooooo drastically.

  11. Ok cool. How long is the duration? I assume it's shorter than oral dosage.
  12. i used to blow a lot at once, im a caffeine addict lol...i drink 6-12 sodas a day the pills i got were 200MG each so i would do 5 of them for 1000MG but if your sensitive dont take more than 400mg
  13. qfmothafuckin't!
  14. shit that sounds awsome i wanna try that, so your saying it gets you all amped? like if a crowd of people were to try n jump you, you would jus go crazy n pwn them? lol
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    damn I can't post anything any more without negative rep nazis. awesome
  16. Basically. You get tweaked out like a mofo and your adrenaline is PUMPING i never lost a fight on caffeine(high doses) i eat the punches and return more power, for me atleast it makes me a lot more amped up
  17. shit you just convinced me lol
  18. Hahhahah, I hear you on that one. Caffeine can REALLY make you pumped. At my old school the funniest fight ever happened.

    Some little white kid who was 5'4 got in a fight with a black dude who was 6'2, 250. The white kid was like this tweaker that was addicted to caffeine and adrenaline. The kid was wired on caffeine and swung at the black dude, the black dude turned around and slammed the kid in the stomach and he didn't even move, then the white kid started swinging wildly like a fucking animal for like 5 minutes until the fight was broken up. From a spectators point of view, Id saw the white kid won, lol
  19. Anyone here because they made this thread or support anything the person who made it thinks/says/feels should be shot in the kneecap.

    If you want to experience caffiene, eat it. Caffeine can cause ulcers on the mucus membranes of a stomache in low concentration. Think what it will do to your sinuses when you concentrate it several 100 or 1000 times.

    It's just disrespectful to yourself. Get a clue. I'm only writing this to help you, listen.
  20. Get over the preaching people will do what they want to do, you can't stop them.
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