snorting alchole

Discussion in 'General' started by :::===={XX}, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. have you guys ever heard or snorted vodka or some type of spirit I was told buy a coupple of english fellows that they had done it and they were going to show me but I never got around to seeing them.
  2. snort alcohol?? ugh, sounds fun...

    hahah, anyways, if you ever hear any more from those guys, be sure to tell us about it! sounds like itd be a.. differant.. experience to say the least...

    wouldnt so much be snorting as it would just be drinking through your nose though??
  3. Yeah, snorting alcohol I think would be the same thing as drinking it, but it would hurt and taste really bad. Seems pointless to me...
  4. nah old mate said that it stung a bit but got you instantly fucked up and yyou only need 2 or so
  5. Could this even be physically possible to do?

    Anyone ever done it or tried it now because they read it on here?

  6. it would work anywhere you have exposed capillaries....

    the blood would transfer through the sensitive lil veins an be absorbed into your blood.....

    or i beleive anyway....
  7. dude gravy i like your logic...

    this sounds like something that just might work....doesnt sound too pleasurable tho lol

    so yeah...someone read this thread and try it and get back to really curious!
  8. Sounds interesting, have to see about getting some vodka.
  9. Yeah they just said put it on a teaspoon and snort im too scared to do it though. They said vodka and tequila work the best.
  10. why,why,why??????? would you even consider doing such things to yourself.

    would you think to drink your soda in such a way? maybe some orange juice in the morning to go with the toast you could crumble and snort up your nose.(yea i think you could do that also)......but why????
  11. yea but toast and orange juice wont get you drunk...

    and if 1-2 shots will get you wasted... and all your doing is binge drinking, then why not?

    i would never do it, but i know alot of desperate drug junkies that im sure would.
  12. cant u like drown on a tablespoon of liquid? haha i dunno man my brain isnt functioning

  13. That's what I was going to ask....if you snorted enough, wouldn't you drown?
  14. Hmm...there are some crazy things that people think up!

    I was doing some massive amount of tequila shots one night and dude I was with cracked me up so when I took my next shot, I started laughing and it came out my nose but I wigged and snorted some back up. OMG! I will NEVER do that on purpose. The burn was insane. I did feel a bit more fucked up but I had major trauma going on so it probably just kicked my drunk into high gear.

    Not something I'd EVER do on purpose. NEVER!
  15. Yeah, it would ruin your drunkness..probably give you a bad headache
  16. well how does anyone know what it is like if you have never tried it....i don't know if i would do it or not but no one can really say unless they try it.
  17. well you cant drown cuz it goes streight to your brain

    and snorting oj is just fucking stupid.

    I will never try it but I would like to hear that someone has actually done iton purpouse

  18. Why dont you tell me why you would do such stupid things
    soda cant get you drunk toast would make you choke :rolleyes:
  19. When you snort anything it goes straight to your lungs..

    If you have ever been made laugh when you have some kind of drink in your mouth and it comes out your nose, it will get you choked..

    My opinion is to not do it.. There is a greater chance of choking to death than getting fucked up..

  20. I would never do such stupid things....
    alcohol would probably make you choke also :p but thats okay becasuse you might get drunk????
    would you do anything to get a better drunk? anything to get a better high?

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