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snorting adderall

Discussion in 'General' started by aaaaa8, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. I was going to snort a 20mg IR adderall tomorrow then maybe pop 2-3 more after that.

    I do have somewhat of an adderall tolerence, i took 80mg over 2 days around 7 weeks ago and i took 100mg in one day about 2 weeks ago. SO i have some tolerence as you can see.

    So how strong will snorting 20mg IR be? Will i be able to notice the effects right away or sicne i have a tolerence will i need to snort 2 of them?

    And also how long does snorting adderall last?


  2. 20 mg's should have you feeling pretty good. Depending on how high your tolerance is.

    It usually takes about 15 minutes before I really start feeling the effects.

    If you take both 20 MG pills you probably will be feeling it for a good 4 hours at least I'd say. Usually it makes me stay up all night.
  3. Snorting one will give you a nice buzz. Eating two/three more on top of that will prolly get you yacked.

  4. i thought if you snort if it comes on right away?
  5. it comes on pretty quick, but you gotta take into consideration its still gotta absorb through your lungs/stomach to get into your blood stream so it wont be instant, you'll start feelin it within like 5 minutes n it'll peak in around 15, i think thats more what he was tryin to get across

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