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Snortin vicodin

Discussion in 'General' started by gundowned, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Can u snort vicodin???
  2. I know people who snort Oxycontins but I don't know if people snort Vicodin. Usually they just chomp and swallow. Someone who knows will tell you soon, I'm sure.
  3. yeah my friend snorts vicodin alot
  4. hell yes! oh man me and brittany do it all the time at lunch we go into the bathroom and hide it between the cover and first page of a textbook. open it up, sort out the lines with an ID, roll up a dolla bill and snort it. its definately a rush straight to the head. plus then after that i can run 20 minutes nonstop.
  5. you can but in my mind its not really worth it..... for example

    say you have you standard 750 es (extra streangth) or hp (high potancey) your getting 7.5 mg of hydrocone and the rest filler.... Your basically snorting a bunch of asprin with minimal amounts of substance...
    I'd rather eat a cple then drink a few beers or just parachute them...

    Im also not much of one for doing pharmies..... but if they're on the table...hell...:D

    plus.... im more of a qualude kinda guy.... all ya gotta do is bring a camera to remember your night and pray to god you don't loose/smash the shit out of it...;)
  6. Yeah, pretty much any kind of medicaton can be crushed up and snorted.

    DO NOT go and crush up something without asking your local drug dealer if you can or not! They seem to know a lot. A lot of stuff will make your nose bleed and hurt you and things.

    But I wouldn't recomend snoting vicodin. Eat a bunch of shrooms, you will be happier.

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