snortin 3 25mg aderalls good or bad

Discussion in 'General' started by toddelz, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I have a super hard final and usally 1 is good, but it dosent last very long.


    im gunna just snort 3 itll be alot but i can do it any suggestions
  2. i mean its the same as taking it..when i used to do 30mgs id snort em in the morning befroe school to hit me faster but really it dont matter...i say just take one tweak out for awhile take another one and so on
  3. yea but it wont fuck me up rite if i snort 3, an hour before class
  4. just take them at 30 minutes before class
  5. Thats 75mg, which is A LOT especially if you're snorting it. I say do what bubbles said, take em all, or take 2 then 1 later.
  6. ok ill take 2 b4 school then 1 on my way there
  7. you dont need that much adderal to feel good man..youll feel sick..only take 1 befroe 1 half the day then 1 later

  8. it ain't that much i took 150mg like a month ago, i mean i was up for 6 days and started hallucinating from sleep deprivation, but he'll survive, i don't advise you to take that much just to study or whatever, just pop em

  9. Still its more than you need to help you study. Hes not interested in getting high, he want to do better on his final.
  10. yeah i wouldnt suggest it..but anyways he wants to si tand take a exam..i would not do that much..sitting hen on adderal is hard enough
  11. I took 50 mgs of lexapro earlier for the first time ever.

    Im completley outta greens, Alcohol and like anything to get a buzz off. I sold all my shit and aient got profits to get some herbs tonight.

    So i smoked a joint which was all i had and popped 3 10 mg lexys and 1 20mg lexy jus to see what theyd do.

    Not jack shit.

    Now like 2 1/2 hours latler im bout to pass out.

    Looks like ill sleep good atleast, Know not to take these again.

  12. Whats in lexapro?

  13. haha dude i remember that thread. you were freaking out for a bit
  14. I'm not sure, Its an anti-depresant, I dont know what the active ingredient is.

    But man i couldnt sleep for shit.

    I layed down, And layed there wide awake for like 4-5 hours.

    Then once i could sleep id sleep for like 10 minutes and be wide awake again, Then fall back asleep and itll jus be ten minutes later. All night i did this it was fucked up.

    Fucka lexapro.

  15. haha somebody remebers haha, man that was fun when i look back at it, sucked then though

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