Snorted "blues" for the first time.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by 561imdone, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Well I've taken blues before.. (on one occassion to be honest) and i swallowed it, was feeling pretty chill etc etc..... Well last night like 4 of my good friends were all snorting them..... I've never really been into pills before just weed and some alcy, occasionally a perc or two...... Well I decided to snort a line last night..... One thing led to another and I ended up having like 3 blues to myself...... Is that bad for a first timer? lol...... I like that shit a lot but its not something im looking to do on the Norm. And I can see how people get addicted to them. But all in all that shit gives you good vibes:)
  2. :confused:what the fuck are blues??????
  3. wtf are you talking about? blue xanax?
  4. also known as Roxies, its an oxycodine...
  5. *Oxycodone

    Were they the 30mg ones?

  6. Couldnt tell you to be honest lol. I'll find out
  7. Yeah you blew oxycontin. 90mgs if you blew 3 of them. Thats a really high dose for someone with no tolerance and especially snorting them. Be careful with that shit man. I feel like everytime I post on here I'm warning people about oxys but that shit can and will steal your life if you let it. It'll be great fun too until you're flat broke and your skin feels like its getting carved up by saws.
  8. Yeah if you're talking about the blueish white m30s im surprised you didn't puke.

    I just recently quit those but use to do like 4-6 of them a day. You musta been noddin like a mother.
  9. ^^ Yeah mann I was chillen hard as fuckkkk i liked it alot, thats what scares me.
  10. Yeah I liked it a lot the first time I did em..the I started doin it as a "weekend" thing then daily..hah
  11. Umm can i be the first to ask how this scares you. Anyone would like noddin out like a mothafucker in a bliss of euphoria after snortin 90mg of oxycodone. You like weed alot dont you, are you scared about that too? For Gods sake never do extacy if your scared of euphoria:smoking::wave:
  12. He's scared of addiction.
  13. Well if your scared of being addicted then heres an easy solution to not get addicted
    -Dont take them anymore or
    -Only take them once in a while
  14. I chose this option :) but no im not scared about weed. I have complete control over weed, i smoke daily for years/months at a time. And I take like 1.5 week break sometimes to get my tolerance down. And during those break I do nt crave it or anything, bc its not addictive!!@!@$@$@!!!
  15. you are really stupid lololol

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