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Snort or eat meperidine tablet?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BurtonSnow, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. My friend gave me a meperidine tablet. Says 381 over a b. Guessing its 50mg. He claims snorting it gives u the longest best buzz. I think this is retarded, its a pill made to be swallowed,

    However, I know nothing about pills, so what would u guys do?
  2. It's a 50. Eat it.
  3. yeah eat it
  4. Even though i dont know what meperidine is, i would snort half and eat half:cool:
  5. Compared to a 357 vic, they more equal or less in the effect?

  6. It's an opiate.

    50mg bro. I wouldn't snort it instead you should parachute it-
    Crush the pill and put on a clean sheet of Tp, fold it up and swallow it.

    I don't know much about it tho so I dunno how strong it'll feel.
  7. At what point should u snort them? He is going to hook me up with 5 more 50s. Just eat em?
  8. i like to snort 1/3 - 1/2 of the total dose, then when your done pop the res of the pills ( i dont mean pop all 5, that would be dumb. Go look up proper dose.
  9. Last night I just ate the one, got feeling real good. Take 1 and snort 1?
  10. If 1 got you feeling good, 2 might be a lil to much. Snort 1/2 of one and eat 1.
  11. meperidine is pretty good, for me at least :) i love when i can get em.
  12. If you eat only 50mg of demerol NOTHING will happen and it will be a waste. i just snorted 100mg and i feel likke im on about 4 lortabs.. snorting will hurt like a bitch but by the 2nd line you wont feel your nose anymore but it is worth the high! :hello:

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