Snoopdogs Hydro 4,000W winter of 2015.

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    To use gravity you would have to grow on a riser or low table and would waste head space.
    The flo n grow is the shit.
    $549.00 you can beat that for a cheap system, well add about 120 liters of hydroton.

    Interesting.  I had this pulled up on another page.  I'm considering it... but probably won't.  Isn't it hard to clean the rock?  Realistically a one time use, eh?
    Titan Controls Flo-n-Gro - $300 (Valley)
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    \t\tI've had this system for 5 years, thus the drop in price. But, if you can find the cash, it will be worth it.

    \t\tThis system comes with 12 pods/buckets out of the box. I will include one expansion pack, which adds another 6 buckets so you get 18. Plus, you will also get the grow medium. I think it's called Terraastone. It's porous "rock", very light, excellent with water distribution.
    \t\tPumps all work, lines are clear.

    \t\tAll in all if you bought this new it would run about $800.
  3. Go for it GT! Looks like a hell of a steal!
  4. What's the biggest auto yield you had snoop

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    I dont even remember, outdoors it was huge thanks to large plant numbers. A good single plant average would be 30 grams or so dried. 10-12 week life span.
  6. These r all female seeds?

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