Snoopdogs Hydro 4,000W winter of 2015.

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  1. Wow, great set-up, I think I'll grab a seat for this one :smoke:
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    Now I have an issue with my sativa strains in my flower room. I looks like I'm going to have those huge bitches hogging my flower room for 3 months.
    Here is an example of what I have after a month. I think this one is Hawaiian skunk.
    I need a heated greenhouse for shit like this.
  3. OK so my soil autos are looking great.  they are right at 28 days old and being fem showing sex. Seed planted on the first of February.
    Everything in the picture is an auto.
    close up of the flowers,
  4. wow... 1.17g  p/watt ... That's a pound with just a 400w.
  5. Today I changed all the solutions , chopped another male. later I water the soil plants and will grab a few more pictures.
  6. OK I found a monster fuck up on my part, huge!
    My flower room timer was set to 13 on 11 off and has been for 5 weeks or more.
    No wonder my sativa buds were sucking ass. Im glad I found out now.
    temperatures  are good.
    The temp right next to the 1,000wMH
    Betty is doing well, she has new solution now.
    roots look good,
    The male I had to pull.
    An up and coming little girl.
    Everyone in the veg room.
    Anyway back on track, all is well and growing fine.
  7. Hey snoop any thoughts on why Betty is so droopy looking?
    she was just out of her thing while I made new soup, she was hungry, that plant drinks a lot and uses nutes fast. Im just going to change solution once a week.
    She is a feminized bubblicious, her mom and  4 aunts are sticky frosty bitches in the flower room. way bad ass. They grow huge leaves, a very nice plant to grow. That makes them look floppy.
    She has air real good now, I worked that over last night and she has twice what she did.
    she perked up today, she is a mother plant now, I want to cut 12 clones from her. heal her up a couple weeks and then flower her.
    I need to buy more air line and air stones. Im thinking of making a bigger bubble cloner that is floating raft style with white Styrofoam.
  9. my cataract kush was the same way. Leaves were bigger than I've seen on any other plant and super floppy. soon as i started trimming her and training her regularly though the leaves didn't get as much of a chance to get big.
    this would be very cool
  10. I did grow some things floating raft style in my outdoor aquaponic system made from my old hot tub.
    this pic was from last year when we just got started, this years will be way better.
    View attachment 1301278
  11. Ok I cut 6 clones off of Betty Boop the bubblicious, they are dipped in cloning jell , in rockwool and hydroton in net pots ready do go. we are trying to skip steps and just plant the fuckers strait away.
    You cant even tell I cut clones off it.

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