Snoopdogs Hydro 4,000W winter of 2015.

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  1. you wont regret it snoop your plants look great now, they'll look even better with that commercial pump.

  2. looking good!
  3. Well one of the babies that was a seed 24 days ago is a boy.
  4. You like boys? (plants)
    I know you mostly grow for decoration lol. How many plants did u have the last time I checked? 700?
  5. Um no. I was up to way too many for a while but I chopped down 39 tiny males then another 16 that were 3-4 foot tall. That 16 was a whole crop gone to males. My flower room is a jungle I just water it and leave it be. some many varieties to get a uniform canopy.
    Now Ill work on making clones from betty boop, so I can get more plants like her. Cant wait to plant outside, that where Ill get some nice big plants. Run some clones outside.
  6. subbin up snooooppp :wave:
    nice big clusterf*ck. :lol:
    im excited to get outdoors again too man..
  7. Sorry to hear that... I bet outdoors is fun, I had a buddy once that had a nice 50L DWC bucket outdoors, he had a damn monster and yielded about a pound and a half
  8. Fuck yeah snoop I would love to see what you can do outdoors Imo outdoor is better than indoor but that's a debate for another day lol

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    lookin great my man!
    gonna be a jungle in there soon enough :)
  10. maybe try keeping the pollen? is it a good looking male? throw some pods in the freezer or something
  11. Well its an autoflower so it would breed a good auto.
    I have a few issues to deal with, I need to cut clones off betty boop damn thing is turning into a shade tree.
    If I chop the male Im concerned that the roots will start rotting in the res.  Oh well it has to go. I went and chopped it.
    I have a male upstairs in a solo cup just like it.
    I moved stuff around. The one 10 gallon with AK47 seeds did not sprout a damn thing. It has 2  14inch airstons and two hoses running to it. Kind of a waste.
    damn! we have another 5 gallon unit over at the my buddies place. It came with some  5-11-26 soluble fertilizer.
    Today at my farm store I was looking at earth juice bloom formula for down the road.
    Its tricky with the timing, and logistics, soil photos, autos, hydro. I sure keep my gears turning.
  12. don't use earth juice in DWC, or any organics for that matter. You can cut out as much of the male's roots as you can, then use an enzymatic such as hygrozyme to break down the roots so they don't rot and mess with your other plants.
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  14. 200 ppm is about 1 tablespoon per gallon, you are safe with that. you can go more or less by 80PPM

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