Snoopdogs Hydro 4,000W winter of 2015.

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  1. I envy you. That's why Tents mean shit to you.

    That and Im a big guy with bad claustrophobia , I cant even sit in a car with the windows up.
    Doing sea of green style I grow on tables, its easy on the back too. I like to be able to work on all side of the table.
    I did a ton of work today, will update with pictures.
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    Flower room is looking fine, the mixture of indica and sativa makes it challenging to place under the HPS.
    They look great up close.
    Veg room is has the new babies. I planted peat pots into the solo cups so I have the advantage of the peat pot and the solo cup to keep it moist. No hassle transplanting.
    Nice roots.

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  4. How old is the one in the peat pot? I have a new sprout and it seems to be growing slow.
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    About 2 weeks. I had it in my bedroom closet where we have a 4 foot shop light. its warm, have a 12V computer fan and its good for spouting, any bigger and they get heat stress.
    The reason they went into big pots is they are autos and they are feminized. They will live thier whole life in those pots.
  6. Looks great for 2 weeks, very healthy and green. Mines about 8 days from seed and jut now on its second set of leaves. They're showing a little purple so maybe I just need to raise my temps a little during lights off.
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    Just got a shipment of goodies, 50 rockwool cubes.5 pounds of hydroton, 12 AK 47 seeds.
    After all the stuff done today now I have to get to work, I have 8 white rhino soaking plus 6 AK47 in little plastic boxes and set them on the DVR as a heat mat.
    Good thing another 1,000w is on its way. I believe its a switchable MH/HPS magnetic.
    I fucked up on the seedlings in the peat pots, I should have started them in soil and plastic then washed the roots of so they could be hydro. :(
  8. Pullin up a chair.

    Subbed :D

  9. Clone is doing good, seedlings are doing fine.
    Trying to get some vigorous sprouts to fill the other net pots.
  10. Dude about time with the journal! You really got everything going great.
  11. Today I made my 6 station set up, and did plant training on my soil plants, neem treatments and fertilize.
    Shipment came in a new thunder 1,000w system and bulbs,hanger,reflector,timer.also a 4 outlet 15 liter per minute air pump.
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    Busy day, went in and arranged , neem oil treatments , LST the flowering plants, feed. they are a challenge because there are so many strains.
    Went and built the 3rd system.
    I have babies up in system #2
    The bubblicious clone in system #1 is going hog wild. I have done nothing for 15 days, just check ph (6.0)
    I swear, I have not done a fucking thing at all.
    After all that I got the new 1,000W and a new air pump.
    I feel so blessed and are a happy camper. Im tired from working my butt off. Growing is not for the lazy.
    Peace.... Snoop... :D
  13. Looks great!
    Good luck&happy growing :)
  14. hey there snoop just saw the new pump and was thinking: how big do you want these plants to get? I'm just curious cuz that pump will be ok, but you can never have too much air. Have you looked into commercial piston pumps? they're a better buy for your money and a little bit cleaner. I use a 35L/m pump for my one plant in a 5 gal res. Granted, she's a giant, and I know you've already up and spent the money on this pump, but maybe consider one of the commercial ones if you feel like you need another. Food for thought.
  15. here's a pic of what I'm talking about:
    and once you put lines into it and everything, it's really not so noisy. I can't hear mine over my extraction fan, to give you an idea. and overall they use less electricity, if that's of any concern to you. anyways, I gave up on those other pumps because they were basically the same price with half the output. and if you have 6 plants in each res, you might have to upgrade in the future depending on your average res temps and size of your girls. Again, not necessary but I think it would behoove you to look into it if you feel like upgrading in the future.  
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    I hear you bro, that air pump was cheap off e bay, now I know why. I will upgrade to a piston pump, The hydro store has good ones for $80 which is nothing. beside online I can get a deal.
    The 4 gallons each have a little bubbler and stone and the 10 gallon I made yesterday has a dual output and I put 2 14 inch air stones and its rocking and rolling compared to the little ones.
    An AK 47 looks like the sprout grabbed the rock wool and wants to go. the other 5 are  not showing.
    With the new light Im going to have more space so will have to step up to 5 gallon buckets for a single plant , new bigger air pump and start doing it for reals.
    the transfer from soil to hydro is going well but I do have think carefully about the logistics and timing of all the plants.
    the mix of autos, photo period,strains that grow tall mixed in the flower room with shorties.
    Just one big happy clusterfuck but is so fun to see new plants take off. :)
  17. I think this clone needs to go to its own 5 gallon tub. I bought one today so will move it to a bigger home tomorrow.
    To think it used to look like this 16 days ago.
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  18. "have you ever tried farming not high? it's boring as shit"
  19. I named this bubblicious clone Betty Boop.  She has her own 5 gallon res where she will spend the rest of her life.
    She is in new solution and I have never fucked with this plants solution. No PH up or down, just a shot of cal mag when the first solution was first mixed up.
    So many people just fuck with their shit and chaise their tails learning to grow hydroponic and I'm just kicking back. I did not even check PH when I mixed up the new soup.
    77 F 44% RH
    Life is good. :D
  20. Rockin' setup Snoop. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.

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