Snoopdogs Hydro 4,000W winter of 2015.

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    wait a second. who's the real snoop dogg?

  2. nice man you recycle your soil too? I got usually use a peat,perlite,earthworm castings, add dolomite lime then feed as needed usually with organic teas or top dress. The steer manure is something new going in my mix this year, ive been told its all in the shit lol gonna get some horse and chicken shit

    A hydro setup would look damn nice in my closet lol but i cant here i live in an apartment complex that gets state inspections often, i can usually start plants indoors no problem but i couldnt have budding plants in my place
  3. LOL
    I don't recycle my soil indoors, it goes to the outside gardens. I trip out over mites and aphids so this hydro thing is perfect for me.
  5. That is awesome man. I want to grow, but it's illegal in my state, which only slightly bothers me, but my wifes family is a bunch of nosy talkative bitches, and I'm not into having security risks. But we're moving to CO, hopefully before the end of the year, and then I'm going all mad scientist. My thing is building smoking tools. I'd love to build some custom vapes and bongs, but that shits illegal here too. And I can't/don't trust anyone around me. Sad ain't it? lol
    You get moved Ill send you some beans and get you started out with some fat nug bitches.
  7. That clone really took off, it's looks great.
    Yea call it beginners luck but I hope this trend continues. I have 3 more complete 4-6 station units to set up as soon as I get the hydroton clay marbles and rockwool. I have 110 net pots some more plastic reservoirs, 3 more bigger air pumps,.
    I like the way its going so i better get on it pronto.
  9. yo snoop-a-loop! whats up man, hope you don't mind if I pull up a seat and pull out my stash for this one. looking forward to seeing you and your hand at hydro
    I read your post helping others, glad to have you.
    I could use some pros looking over my shoulder, I tend to go for it in everything I do so away we go wrong or right.
    I try not to fuck with things constantly.PH is good, they got water, the lights are on. Then I just leave them alone. :D
    I m growing the seeds in the full strength solution, they better like it because that's what the fuckers get to grow in. LOL :laughing:
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  11. Not too much going on, the grass is growing fine.
    I looked at 8 soil blueberry plants that are about a foot tall 6 weeks old or so and in the middle of the leaves is extra fingers, I will get pictures but that's a great sign. I grew some Alaskan thunderfuck that grew pop corn buds in the intersection of the leaf fingers. very cool.
    The blueberry will be a cloned plants around here, Iv always enjoyed blueberry, its a wonderful plant to grow.
    Anyway still waiting on rockwool and hydroton. Maybe tomorrow I will cut some holes and get ready with what I have laying around.
    Here is about $20 worth of stuff to get started.
    the garden is doing well and I am pleased with it, I am very blessed.
  12. my plant's doing the same thing! like two or three extra fingers growing out of the middle of the leaf on top of the others. makes her super bushy.
  13. Here are the pictures of the leaves, I just love growing blueberry.
    bb1.jpg bb2.jpg
  14. new 4 plant set up, plain water 2 seeds per hole.
    my flower room is overgrown, Im just going to let it ride. next time I will train the plants better.
    The veg room is just a few solo cups, blueberry's in veg, a skunk and a super nova,white rhino autos
    My dog in the car. she is a sweetheart.
  15. My mini harvest of 13 plants jammed into 3 1ft square 6 inch deep bucket netted 141 grams.
    Damn nice for 3 square feet. the big harvest will be sweet.
    I need to upgrade to 3,000w.
    So I have 3 quart jars.
  16. Well a third light is on the way, another 1,000w.
    Res temps is 74 and veg room was 88F, needed to open some windows. ph was 6.5 in the plain water and 6.0 in the growing one.
    Found a big herm in the middle of the flower room, thanks for the free seeds shithead seedbank. Its not ripe but is out of there.
    Piss on free seeds, if they are not feminized Ill just throw them away.
    I have 8 fem autoflowers going into pots tomorrow and they might be my last of indoor soil grows, we will see.
  17. subb'd..
    lookin good man.. gl with the hydro run!
  18. Out of curiosity, how big is your house man?
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    5 bedroom with utility and Landry room. Just my woman and I and her son in college so 3 rooms are free to use. Im just using 2 in the basement where its cool year round. Use one to hang and dry so I have a drying room.
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    Thank Iv looked over your galleries and your grows make my stuff look like amateur hour. 
    I will definitely listen and do any suggestions you have.
    Thanks for subbing.

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