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Snoop Rat Obama has been bugging 35 World Leaders

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Was this directed to your reading comprehension? The NSA is a government agency, and as was said, a president isn't going to be able to shut it down.. The only way would be for people to take part in the government, society, community in the positive way they bitch for and change it from within. So no shit that the NSA is still operational, if I were president and had access to it, I'd probably use it too. Knowledge is power, it just depends on how it's used.
    There has not been one president in my life who impressed me and it's because our government as a whole is unimpressive. It's unimpressive because people allow piece's of shit into office cause they don't want to do the work.. Our government and society will have to make the changes at the same time for optimal change, otherwise we're just going to go round in circle jerks.
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    Scary thing about the NSA watching world leaders is that blackmail is an easy tool now and he who controls the NSA, has the dirt on everyone. I read somewhere the NSA watched Obama since before the election. Dunno how true that is.....

    All it would take to be rid of the nsa Is a vote from congress or a lack of funds.

    Don't know many people who work for free, do you?

    Wasn't it Hoover that was the head of the FBI and kept dirt on the presidents?

    There was a p.i. Back in the day that heard both Kennedy's plowing Monroe, even heard her die on his tapes.

    Forgot his name, but the lawyer of the p.i. that had dirt on everyone took his filing cabinets after he died and they were never seen again, but a video of Marilyn giving a bj to ? (the president maybe?) recently sold at auction for millions....

    You can do a lot with dirt, like pick, control, blackmail and extort anyone in power.

    Anyone wonder how and why Gen. petrius suddenly resigned during one of Obamas scandals? 10 bucks says the NSA was behind it all.

    Take one for the team general!
    First off apologies for calling you a Democrat. Apologies in advance if you think this means I assume you are a Republican.
    But and its a big but if you do believe as you state in your post that the government is rotten and you do not approve of the behaviour of the NSA then you should be jumping up and down about it. Stating that Obama is not responsible is accepting this type of behaviour from government. Do you believe that the CEO of a corporation is responsible for the actions of the corporation ?
    Obama is as responsible for the actions of the NSA as he is for the civilians slaughtered by drone strikes. He is the one calling the shots. 
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    Thing is, even if he could shut down a government agency, he'd be called a dictator, fascist of something worse.
  6. [​IMG]
    the drone strikes really piss me off, only reason the strikes happen is due to racism,
    Being the president isn't like being a CEO. It's similar, but the president is more of a face for the whole.. It's not like he has complete control over everything. The "type of behavior" of the government is that way because society is the way it is. Where else can someone text pictures of their dick and still be considered, by the people, for office? It's a joke and bitching is only going to get someone so far.. People have been bitching about government since there was government, but would rather not take a proactive part in it. I am the type of person that if you're going to bitch about something, do something legit to at least attempt to change it or shut the fuck up..
    As for civilians, do you really think Obama is sitting there saying "Kill that kid.. Yeah, that's it! Now let's gun down this family. Man, shit makes me so hard..". No, they're causalities and it sucks, but at least we're not using chemical weapons, carpet bombing, or even mortaring entire cities. War and fighting won't go away until we find unlimited resources, but at least some people are looking for ways to minimize the damage.
  8. Yea, I think I was labled as well. Definitely not justifying either of their actions, it's just that skewing the facts is not a legitimate argument.
    How long has it been since Snowden first started revealing the extent of the activities of the NSA ? 
    May if my memory serves me correct. Obama has had since then to get to the bottom of the "problem" and curtail their activities but no he just sits back and waits. Whenever another revelation is made he comes out with the usual response - "I didn't know, not my fault"
    His inaction is a sign of compliance and acceptance of these activities. To try and deflect the blame from Obama is frankly ridiculous and futile.
    Regarding the ongoing drone slaughtering program...  "It sucks". It fucking more than sucks. It is murder without trial. It is the widespread murder of women and children in the pursuit of suspected "terrorists". These men Obama is wacking have not had a trial. 
    To try and excuse it as "minimizing the damage" smacks of your own acceptance and compliance of these actions and thus makes you a supporter of the widespread slaughter.
    Your dismissal of your fellow blades as "bitching" and telling them to "shut the fuck up" complaining about government policy and actions says it all. Anyone reading your defence of Obama and his actions can see very clearly where you are coming from.
  10. both misogynistic and racist.  your mommy and daddy must be proud!
  11. it amazes me just how utterly stupid some (read: a majority) of the people on this website are.  I like to come to the politics and pandora's box forums just to watch the little armchair politicians and detectives try to sound smart.
  12. I honeslty don't think anyone would care if you left this website forever.
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    implying I value the opinions of neckbeards on the internet
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    looky here fellas, we got a live one
    Lets feed it laxatives?
    you either fully object or you fully support his actions, there is no middle ground when were talking about warfare.
    ive said before, ill say it they're all 'legit' gangsters.
  15. I would. Have compassion, they have feelings too, I think,
    I will give you the first but there is nothing racist about me or this thread. Obama is a rat and he likes to snoop - see NSA scandal.
    Hence Snoop Rat Obama is an appropriate name for him. 
    It must be hard for someone of such a huge intellect as yourself to have to thread through the swamp of "stupid people" on this site. May I take this opportunity to apologize for myself and the other "stupid people" here. 
    Perhaps you might explain to us "stupid people" where we are going wrong ?
    Enlighten us with your superior intellect.
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    At no point was the Obama administration aware of the actions that the Obama administration were taking.
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    yeah, cut the shit.  you and I both know that "snoop rat" is basically racist, and why.  how many other presidents have been called names so blatantly meant to sound like a rapper's?  anyone with an IQ higher than that of a potato can see the thinly veiled racism with which people who hate obama try to insult him or discredit him.

    you call him things like "snoop rat" and other blatantly racist names.  you shout "keep the white house white".  you insinuate that he was born in an african country, yet never accuse any white candidates of such a thing.  but it's TOTALLY NOT RACIST, you guys!  we just dislike his policies, we swear!
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    so because he associated him with a rapper that makes him a racist?
    i think you should look in the mirror..
    it's always the racists who cry racist first.
    typical Obama supporter.. ignore the article about bugging world leaders, and cry racist.
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    please point out one instance where a white president was insulted by being compared to a black rapper. 

    el oh el "it's always the racists who cry racist first" is that what you tell black people when they accuse you or someone else of racism?

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