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  1. Haha I've heard of his soul searching and name change. Thanks man! Glad to know there's a movie about it. Watching this tonight! But in my opinion. Snoop dog rolls off the tongue a lot easier
  2. Saw him on Conan singing one of new reggae songs. He sang in a Jamaican accent, and since he doesn't actually have a Jamaican accident, it came off as forced to me. Wasn't in to it.
  3. "With this journey, Snoop intends to reincarnate himself as a Pop Reggae artist by immersing himself in Rastafari, exploring musical and religious histories deeply rooted in Jamaica"

    That was from the IMDB description. Yah, the whole thing sounds more like a fabricated career move, over anything else. But hey, I could be wrong - hope he's a better person through it, after all's said & done.
  4. I think it's real funny
  5. I watched the moving and i agree with da dude above that its a carreer move, havent you guys realized that rasta stuff its cool now? at least around me area..
    Anyhow the documentary wasnt that great i wish i couldve seen more stuff related to the rasta rituals.
  6. I think he went to Jamaica and couldn't handle what they be growin dere. haha, lost his marbles. 
  7. Lol.  True maybe.  But I can't imagine that what they're growing in Jamaica is that much better than what they're growing in California.
  8. First off, seen the documentary. Agree about the singing. He's not Jamaican and the accent sounds forced so I'm not in to it. However, after seeing the documentary and knowing a few things about Snoop's past, I do believe he is sincere in what he's doing from a social standpoint. He's trying to stop gang violence and encourage love in the streets that he grew up in, that he was shot at in, that his family members were shot and killed in, etc. 
    Second, if you've seen it, you know that they mostly smoke blunts and a coconut-tube-bowl combo that I found really interesting. Any idea what that thing is called?
  9. Snoop helped create gang banging. He will never be near same category as Bob Marley
  10. seen this the other day i was laughing at him having to smoke all the dirt weed they offered him. i mean i get that he couldnt refuse but dam some were like old dead plants under dirt and they would pick a nug off and smoke it right there. 
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    yuh know they cure weed differently in different parts of the world right? I've had weed that looked just like that in Jamaica, was some good weed but sometimes weed dried in this way can go bad and some of it is complete garbage like what you assumed by seeing weed that doesn't look like what you're accustomed to.
  12. It was a publicity stunt all he did was go to Jamaica, kick it with the wailers, temporary change his name to Snoop Lion and cash out from the Netflix documentary. He actually recently changed his name to Snoopzilla and is doing jazz stuff. The movie was alright though I must say. It had good footage of early snoop and commercialized snoop today.
  13. thought it was a load of bullshit
  14. lol call it what you want. that shit was under thedirt, they picked it up and shook it a litlle and then packed it. diiiiiiirty. But props to snoop for making that sacrifice to not be rude
  15. yeah the part you're talking about I don't recall, just figured I might as well watch it since it had stirred up a lot of controversy and I wasn't hangin on the edge of my seat watching every scene.
  16. Best part was his cousin or whatever that went with him. Everytime they showed his he was blazed out of his mind hahahahaha
    When they went to a huge grow and he was trippin' all over the place lawl!
  17. its just where he is now

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