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  1. Okay so first off i had know idea what a good title would be and im sure this could have went into the computer/media or whatever fourm but i figured more people would see it here and ya

    so on youtube theres ggn news and theres getting doug with high and then b real has the smokebox and im sure someone somewhere has something like these but there not important so we wont mention them at this moment

    out of the three which do you think is the best? why? because i wanted to make a post that's why...

    I do like b reals music the best but i find his smokebox show is way to interview like and that ruins his so hes going to be 3rd on my list next comes doug because he seems to be the wannabe stoner guy who trys a little to hard and hes pretty much a walking billboard hes always advertising something! 

    and then in first comes mr snoop doggy dogg because his show doesn't seem like a random interview its like there actually cool friends and what not and actual enjoying there time in his studio thing

    if you seen a couple id compare the trailor park boys on ggn with there session on getting doug... ricky seems like hes in the most awkward moment during getting doug but with snoop everything was all cool and laid back and that's when i really started noticing how awkward doug was lol

    and ya! so who do you think has the better show?

  2. I was thinking the same fucking thing about ricky. My shit goes
    Ggn> smokebox> doug

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  3. it seemed like on doug he was always scratching the back of his head and rolling his eyes tryna be amused haha :p i kinda wanted to put b real in second but it seems way to interviewy so i had to give it to doug its cool that he has a bunch of comedians and people i didn't think smoke showin up and blazing
  4. what do you mean wtf?.... if you don't know the shows that's fine but a quick google search on any of the three coulda leaded you onto a better post then that....

    which of the three is the best I don't think it was a hard question :(


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