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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ImTheJoker4u2, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. So I recently inherited a G Pen and I can't seem to get fuckall out of it. I watched a few YouTube vids , but still get nothing. I know its basically junk, and it combusts more than vapes (which I'm fine with, as I usually burn anyway) but I would like it to work so I can chooch in the house, without pissin off my neighbors with it smelling like a skunk convention in my place. From what I can gather, I turn it on, and hold the button until it gets to the red setting (I'm guessing hottest) and wait like 10 minutes. The upper light turns green (I guess to indicate its ready), and I get some "flavor", but no cloud, and no buzz.
    I got an oil vape pen for xmass that would cloud the room, and fuck my world, but unfortunately the oil canisters are virtually impossible to find here, and its a 60 day turn around if I outsource them, so I was really hoping this thing would work. It would be nice to be able to catch a buzz somewhere besides next to the shit fan in the bathroom.

    Am I too old to operate this thing, or is it fucked?
    Are there any mods I can do to it?
    Should I just count my pennies and buy something new?
    I don't have a lot of pennies, what should I get?

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  2. I had a snoop Dogg g pen a few years ago, you need to inhale while holding the button in bro when it flashes red that means its cooling down & don't put too much weed in it or you'll have a hard time getting a hit, put 0.2/3 max
  3. & if you're looking to get a vape that doesn't burn the herb try mflb aka magic flight launch box they'll run you about 100 easy but they offer life time replacements if it breaks or anything:smoke:
  4. I keep hearing about those... I'll have to look into it.

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  5. Get a 50W 'box' mod aka a battery and some buttons in a box with threads on top to accept vaporizers/atomizers/ejuice cartridges ect. Like an eleaf 50W adjustable, then use any dry herb vaporizer with ceramic element that threads in..

    Best advice i can give if you want to ditch the g pen, you will get immediate vapor/combustion from a threaded cartridge, and up to 50w from my eleaf is all ive ever needed.

    Theres too much bullshit lingo associated with handheld vaporizers in my opinion,, dont get lost down that rabbit hole.

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