Snoop Dog G-Pen Herb Vaporizer Question

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RatchetBooty, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Hey guys. So I've recently purchased a Snoop Dog G-Pen for vaporizing herbs. I used it yesterday but I didn't use a glass screen filter with it. I think it was combusting the herb because it left a lot of ash. Anyways, do you think I've ruined the coil or anything like that because I didn't use the screen filter? And should I use a glass screen filter next time? I've purchased one but I didn't use it.

  2. With or without the glass filter it still won't be effective at vaporizing dry herbs.
  3. What would you recommend me getting then?
  4. What do you want out of your vape? Portable obviously from your purchase of the "pen vape", but what as far as battery powered, butane powered, efficiency, taste, cloud production, budget, etc..
  5. Hmm. I just want something that is good and effective for vaporizing dry herb. Would you recommend the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer?
  6. Be honest. Would there be a difference here? If I used my Snoop Dog G Pen with a glass screen filter, would it be the same thing as using the G Pro with the heating chamber? Because one uses a coil, and one uses a heating chamber? But with the coil one I'm using a glass screen filter.
  7. Yes there is a difference.
  8. I have no reason not to be honest... to put it simply the coil system on all pen vapes doesn't work because the coil gets too hot too fast thus resulting in combustion whereas a heating chamber gives you a more controlled temp (on reputable vapes) that produces vapor instead of smoke.
  9. I also bought one. it's gonna do a kind of half burn half vape to your bud no matter what..i think I'm getting tired of it i might just sell it if im gonna smoke i'll just light up a bowl lol
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    Any good g pen's that use a heating chamber method that I could order online that are cheap? Not to cheap but not to pricy?
    Would you recommend the g pro?

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  11. dude your best bet is to buy the magic flight launch box, it's probably one of the best portable vapes out there
  12. Ya. I'm probably gonna sell mine and buy one that uses a heating chamber instead of a coil method.

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  13. The only pen style vape that actually vaporizes is the t vape. If you like the g pro then buy it, but once again it is merely a rebranded titan 2. You will spend an extra 50 bucks for the name.
  14. Well I don't know. I don't have enough money for the t vape. If you were in my situation would you get the titan 2? And does the site that sells the titan 2 ship to canada ? :) thanks.

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  15. I have no idea on the shipping, but the titan 2 will do a better job at vaporizing than your current pen "vape".
  16. Pens are for wax (concentrates)
    Pipes are for flowers. (including plug ins, portables)
  17. I just Brough one of these snoop dog gpens and it works ok like the high but the only problem is how does it conserve ur weed I no u pack about what u havein one bong and get a few hits but it doesn't seem too stay heated long enough before it clics out
  18. because it doesn't fucking vaporize. How many posts and threads will it take before that sinks in. This whole thread people have said don't buy it ,it doesn't vaporize. And then you revive it with this post :rolleyes:
  19. I am not dumb I do no this I was saying why the hell do people say it conserves ur weed


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