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Discussion in 'General' started by Munga, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. you just agreed with him saying that snitching on someone and getting them life in prison is worse than handling your problems your own way.

    then you said your agianst snitching....
  2. and you wonder why your friends keep dying and you can't get a break. why the ghetto stays the ghetto and why most of society looks down on people in your position. If you keep on taking revenge into your own hands, the violence will never stop. Police are there for a reason: to act as intermediaries so that the resentment is taken out on them, not on the parties involved in the crime and to protect those who have no interest getting involved with people like ya'll but due to circumstances outside their control are.

    its not the game, its living desensitized from violence and crime. just because you can handle it yourself doesn't make it the right thing to do. Ignoring the transgression is even worse. The sense of honor of protecting a shit hole with vigilantism is completely fucked up and misguided. You want things to get better, ask for help. Its obvious those in the 'snitches in ditches' camp don't care about whats right, just what you feel like doing and having an excuse to take out aggression on other people you may have a conflict with. Or personal pride, which is also not a good reason, get over your image and do whats right for the community.


    snitching to save your ass is wrong because i believe in personal responsibility fully, but coming forward as a witness in order to keep waste of space thugs off the street (and thereby protecting those people around you) is a social responsibility charged to all who live in a state that wishes to be civilized. I suggest you read up on John Locke and the concept of a social contract. you want to take shit into your own hands, you might as well live in the Middle East and see how thats working out for them...

  3. how is it sniching to call the cops on a child molester? thats called helping the community and saving yourself the trouble of covering up a murder and getting the kids home safe etc. see what i mean, theres just certain circumstances where calling the cops is necesarry and it should not be considered snitching

    snitch is bad word in my neighborhood and motherfuckers will throw hand grenades thru your window for that shit, so if you gon call me a snitch for helping lock up a child molester, fuck you!!!!(not saying fuck you just trying to prove my point)
  4. Beautiful.
  5. looks dogg, I believe in handling it myself. If I hear of a child molester, me and my boys willt akse care of em. fuck the police, all they wanna do is lock your ass away.

    Punk Police is nothing clean
  6. I'd steer clear of someone of your mental stature.

  7. Correct. Snitching on someone and getting them life in prison IS worse. But it ends bad for you too, because of Karma.

    But then again, you exacting revenge on them puts YOU on THEIR level, two wrongs don't make a right homie.

    Moral of the story? Snitching is wrong, but getting revenge on someone for what they did is worse. They will NEVER change because of what you do. If anything, it'll make em worse. That's what I was getting at, smoke.
  8. This no snitchin' shit is absoutely retarded. I just don't know how you can go through life with the belief that calling the cops on a murderer or child molestor is wrong. My friend from school was shot and killed in the next town over from me. But they haven't found the person who did it.

    You wanna know why? All these clowns believe in the no snitch policy.

    Fuck that. Kids family and friends shouldn't have to live life knowing that this kids murderer is still walking the streets with no punishment.

    Obviously theres times when not to snitch. Once you hit maturity you realize that "telling on people" for little things isn't worth it. But shit such as murder isn't so much a little thing. Maybe im just not as mature or as cool as you people that believe this crap.

    If I had indesputible evidence that someone was going to shoot up a school, I'd fucking snitch him out so fast. Or I could ''handle it myself'' and rip the kids arm off and beat him with it. Thats a great progression for society.

  9. How does karma affect you if you "snitch" on someone for murdering? It seems like positive karma points to me.
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