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    Cops all outside my house right now. My former dealer, arrested in november for selling to an undercover, go out tuesday, and cops are arresting him and his dad and this other kid that used to sell to me right as i type this..

    guess their searching the home for more, the dudes sister told me he has 3 pounds....fuck his life right now :( :( :(

    just the other day, my bro and his friend got caught, now my neighbor? Fucking snitches. He never harmed anyone, and its all for a plant. When will the government realize this plant does not do shit to people, and stop spreading propaganda????

    Fucking capitalism
  2. What the fuck does capitalism have to do with this?

    Dude shouldn't have gone back to moving if he got caught. Or at least only sold to people he knew...why would you sell weed to an undercover cop
  3. man i hate to hear things like this. its blatantly unjust.
  4. economics?

    text tiles, fabric, alcohol companies not to mention pharmaceuticals; and thats just a tiny list of the loads of companies that would go out of business if hemp and cannabis was to be legalized..

    Alcohol companies pay for the anti-marijuana ad's; you didn't know that?

    and he sold weed to an undercover back in november. He was with some other guys; and just went there to back them up.

    Now, i dont know what the fuck happened.
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    yeah it's sucks in all and i feel for them,but if you do the crime you do the time,sorry :eek: i mean it's not like they were forced to sell,they should've chosen a different line of work:laughing:

  6. You think? Then if thats the case I hope you get caught smoking, with weight and get arrested.
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  7. Im guessing you get your stuff illegally?
  8. He got out yesterday and already has three pounds? Seems pretty dim to me.
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    nahh you,you do :laughing: ,oh,oh i see now,your running out of connects,dang man,uhh,don't worry,they will always be another person to take their place,trust me :D
  10. It is. His also had probation for the next 5 years. Wonder how much trouble he would be in now?

    And its ironic how everyone thinks once their out, they wont get caught in the same day/week....i really feel bad for this guy though. He was a very cool person to smoke with, he was the one that taught me how to roll :eek:


  11. :rolleyes:

    So what you're saying is if we were in, say, communist China, everything would be all hunky-dory? Or maybe if we were living under a King, would that be a better system for ya?

    When the government colludes with certain companies to benefit each other, IT'S NOT CAPITALISM. Crony capitalism != capitalism. True capitalism is a FREE MARKET in which the private sector controls the economy, not the government.

    Besides that fact, it's not capitalism that keeps drug laws in place; quite the contrary, in a true capitalist system people would be free to grow and sell whatever the fuck they wanted as long as there was a demand for it.

    Blaming capitalism for drug laws is like blaming drug laws for capitalism. Fuckin' retarded.
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    wow, i never knew there was a word for that, thanks for clearing that up. :smoke:

    crony capitalism - A description of capitalist society as being based on the close relationships between businessmen and the state. Instead of success being determined by a free market and the rule of law, the success of a business is dependent on the favoritism that is shown to it by the ruling government in the form of tax breaks, government grants and other incentives.

    communisim never works. people have no motives to keep on advancing, but somehow mother fucking China is the one we owe 14 trillion dollars to haha

    but the people there are unhappy...
  13. crony capitalism sucks donkey balls...

    on topic though, your dealer guy shoulda taken the hint and stopped sellin when he got popped. he made a gamble and lost, and while the drug laws are bullshit you gotta know what can happen when you can play with fire ya know?

  14. Wanna know why China is kickin ass?



  15. too bad i won't cuz i got a medical card,Sucka~ :laughing:
  16. china is retarded... has a capitalist economy. but wants to keep ties with Kora and calls it communist

    im kinda glad i took AP world history to know this
  17. The government already realizes cannabis doesn't do shit to people. Their own studies show that it's not half as harmful as they claim it is. However, industries such as the tobacco, pharmaceuticals, etc. all have very powerful lobbyists who give HUGE amounts of money to political campaigns in order to keep herb illegal. It is a threat to their business. Besides that, the government has been flat out lying to the public since 1937 and governments don't like admitting they're wrong. First it was "marijuana will make you have orgies and murder your family!" and somewhere along the line it suddenly changed to "marijuana kills brain cells, causes lung cancer, and makes you want to try hard drugs". And the media never questioned how the propaganda managed to go from A to B so the public didn't either.
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    yeeeeeee me and weednotcrack and prob half the rest of gc stay lightin up in our respective areas of the lenient ass united states. Most of the states with legal cannabis make RIDICULOUS amounts of money off of taxes and it seems like more states in the us are putting it on ballots as a possible source of revenue..
    Pretty dope having a card. *thirty minutes* later walk out of club with a gram of bomb Budder and medicated as shit as I leave the lounge hahahaha
  19. well dont worry. ya boy is doing time for breakin probation though so i wish him luck to not get touched improperly.

    snitches always end up dead.
    well over here at least.
    Just like how killing osama is a trophy kill
    killin a snitch in the hood is a trophy kill. ya feels me?
  20. I'm sure he knew :rolleyes: lol

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