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sniper suspended

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LaBruja1, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. Yes at about 3am they arrested them while sleep in hoopdy at rest area. I hope there are no copycats as I am tired of taking my BabyGirlz to school under cover of my big booty and zig zagging into the grocery stores 'n shit!
    It was nice 2c Chief Moose of Montgomery Cnty smile though.
    Thought he'd tell the press to c if they could do a better job than he has.
    That is 1 reason why I've been looking for a hook up in Bmore because I HAVE to go out since I have babies that need to go 2 preschool & kindergarten and I have to get food and gas not 2 mention Poppy Chulo travels in that immediate area. It is FUCKED up to hope the sniper shoots u instead of your babies,then u think of your babies living in this HELL w/o their Mamita. The whole thing reduces me to tears.
    Halloween is LaBruja's favorite holiday not to mention baby girl turns 5 on 10/26 at 9:32 pm. Take a toke 4 me my people! Those lives lost should be profiled and celebrated as opposed to the devils that caused this disruption getting all the press time in our lives.

    I pray that all who read this are fine, get back 2 me, I need your thoughts, strength, and prayers as I rock my beautiful brand new PR BabyBoy to sleep in the only arms of peace and safety he may know in his olive-skinned life

    Check out my new sig 2
  2. damn sniper, he deserves the stake

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