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  1. Indoor cabinet grow and the plant has started to smell...and now I have started to sneeze. I am only sneezing when I open the door and check on the plant. Anyone else with this sneezing issue? Time to get back on the allergy meds?
  2. Have you checked for males or hermies releasing pollen?
  3. Thats about the only possibility I would think. ( pollen ) Maybe mold or dust but unlikely.
  4. Ironically I have noticed this phenomenon myself. I chalked it up to mold allergies but it's gone away and the mold is still at bay... Interesting.
  5. No mold or dust

    No flowering going on yet...or at least that I can see.:confused:

    Just the smell is making me sneeze, but then I got major allergies. Maybe just something the plant is releasing (not pollen) that is causing my allergies to flare?

    I noticed things got better when I made sure I only opened the door for a very short amount of time and washed from fingertips to elbows after tending plants.

    The sneezing is not so bad, but the running of the nose is a major downer!:mad:
  6. How's your ventilation? If the plant is starting to smell then you should have good ventilation and a carbon filter on it in any event, and that probably would help with the allergies.

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