Sneezing When You Think About Something Sexual

Discussion in 'General' started by 36th Chamber, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. i often sneeze when I think about something dirty anyone else? :hello:
  2. Dat's fucking trippy bro, exactly how much did you just smoke?
  3. aha funny fuckin thing is im sober!!
  4. this sounds familiar somehow . . . .
  5. After reading that science page it just made me wonder.
    Is it possible that the thought of guilt would make you laugh, to a point where u cant help urself? o.0
  6. aha i dont know about that one often when i feel guilt it resembles anger, saddness, or a point where you can go back in time and change it fuck it i dont even kno what im babblin about lol
  7. Yeah man when i feel guilt i go through that "7 signs of guilt", that shit is true...
    At first i question myself, did i acturally just do this
    then im like na man... i could not have what the fuck was i thinking
    then i started getting so mad at myself where i just wanna punch a wall or sumtin
    then i feel bad, and hate myself for a while

    haha. i dont know what the fuck ur blabbering about, but yeah i understand its like you wish u havent done what u done.
    I steal from a store like nothing, feel nothing.
    I snick out of my house when im grounded like nothing, feel nothing
    But when i insult/do something to a friend, thats when my guilt comes into play.

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