Sneezes that smell like Flowers.

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  1. I finally googled it, just to make sure i dont have brain cancer, and to my surprise a few other people experience this phenomenon usually called a "Honey Sneeze".

    For about a minute after i sneeze i can smell sweet flowers (almost a sickly sweet smell), and then i go back to smelling normally. I've only noticed it in the last year.

    There really are no proper explanations for it online, only guesses, so I'd love to hear experiences from other people here that share the same sensation.

    Are there any other Blades here at grasscity that experience this?
  2. sounds like tasty resin buildup lol jk
  3. dude that would be amazing! youre so lucky :rolleyes:
  4. Any theories are welcome ;)

    I'm sure it isn't Pot related though, I've smoked for some years now, and only experienced "honey Sneezes" for the last year.
  5. That's pretty interesting. My sneezes smell like that flower that smells like rotting meat.
  6. Yes! All the time I thought I was the only one
  7. I'd love to find out if there's common factors that trigger this in people, or if after a certain age it simply 'happens'.

    It's spring in Australia, and there's many Fruit tree's blossoming, but I get 'honey sneezes' during all months (summer & winter etc) ...

    I burn alot of incense, and originally i thought this was the problem, perhaps i was inhaling dust during the night from thier smoke that had settled.
    I've excluded this reason now though, becuase i don't often burn fruit/honey smelling incense, mainly just sandlewood varietys, and my sneezes don't smell anything like sandlewood.

    They don't smell like anything that actually cuases me to sneeze (dust, smoke, or looking at the sun)

    Ugyatag, where you serious about your sneezes smelling like Carrion flowers?
    Thats really the main thing thats got me worried about this phenomenon, becuase i can't understand why Sweet flowers/honey would be the only reported sensation, and not rotting meat, amonia, coffee, onion or other strong iconic smell.
  8. It's just the smell of mucus.. ain't it? That's how I always explained it to myself at least. :laughing:
  9. It could be that your nasal sensory pads getting over-stimulated after a period of dormancy.

    Or this copy pasta I found on some other message board.

    Snot contains a lot of mucosal protiens as well as all the microorganisms that have been trapped by your mucus, in addition to sloughed off cells from your own body. Hydrolized yeast extract" is an euphemism word for MSG...

    Sneezing will also aerosolize a lot of mucus & the stuff that's trapped in mucus and sneezing can also clear some of the molecules that have been stuck to your olfactory receptors.

    In some people, odours emited from people with a dissimilar (but not dissimilar enough) genotype can be interpreted as"sweet" smelling, and self-odours sometimes fall into the same category - clearing the olfactory receptors could possibly re-prime them to recognize molecules that they've become angergized to.
  10. So you've allways had sweet smelling sneezes? even as a child?

    If it were the mucos, why doesn't it have a sweet taste aswell, or your tissue smell sweet after you blow your nose into it? (I all ready gave it a sniff, litrially doesn't smell like anything for me)
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    I've observed this happening both When I'm heavily congested (the type of embarressing sneeze that leaves you with a tissue full of snot) and why completely 'clear', whithout sniffles and without producing a big mist of 'sneeze vapor' (i know thats not the technical term, but you know what i mean, when you can actually see the mist)

    I spotted that quote in my search yesterday when i finally bit the bullet and googled it, but it doesn't seem plausible
    If my olfactory receptors were 'angergized' (desensitised) to this smell then wouldn't my smell sensation be effected? Jasmine, my faviorite flower still smells exactly the same as my childhood memorys, and i have no problem appreciating the varying purfumes of roses.

    I'm also confused as to why olfactory receptors would suddenly start behaving like this 're-primming' effect randomly at the age of 30. I've done nothing in the last year to damage them, or experienced any type of physical change.
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  12. all my smoke goes in the mouth out the nose so i have a tingle of weed, but that isnt related. lol

  13. memories can be conditioned in your brain and often changed/altered from the reality of the situation, but yes I see what you mean.
  14. Another thing that makes me disbelieve the 're-primming' theory is that i often become desensitised to the smell of pot when I'm at houses with grow rooms (after a few hours), but when i sneeze, i'm not smelling pot as would be suggested by the 're-priming' theory.
    It would make sense that pool attendants would smell chlorine after a sneeze, or bakers smelling bread after sneezing (I remmeber asking both a baker and pool attendant about getting 'sick and tired of the smell' in conversation fillers, and having them mention they dont notice it (so they must get desensitised over time).
    I can't find any instances of these sneeze smells online though, the only common smell after sneezing for (a few) people seems to be flowers/honey.

    The more people that i can find that experience this the more data and plausible theorys I'll be able to postulate.
  15. my sneezes smell like something reminiscent of hay. In fact, I absolutely hate the smell of when certain people in my family sneeze, and were driving in the car. I have to roll the windows down.

    but idk.
  16. thanx for both that, and the memories changed/altered over time comment.

    I'm going to try and smell my GF's sneeze, and housemate's sneezes without drawing too much attention next time it happens, and I'm going to start hassling kids when i see them in public unattended by parents.

    I think if i ask the ambiguous question 'do you sneezes smell like stuff' then i may get children responding with things other than flowers.
    I'm sure its a relatively new sensation i;m experienceing, but it could also be a sensation i've had as a child, and forgotten about (although i doubt that)

    (I'd rep you for the great suggestions, but I'm maxed for this 24 hour period, I'll hit you up later)

  17. My boyfriend has the strangest smelling sneeze I hate it, I personally don't think mine have s scent but I could be wrong.
  18. OP, are you 'mentally' smelling flowers when you sneeze? or does your sneeze smell like flowers? (to you/or other people)? lol
  19. This can drive me crazy sometimes. I will sneeze and the strong smell of my sneeze or someone else's (Germ overload, right? haha) sneeze can be just overpowering.
  20. According to some studies, you apparently have a lot of chemical hormones in your nose; many people very much enjoy their lovers sneeze-smells, and nose breath, because they are chemically attracted.
    And conversely, if it smells wrong, something may be wrong. A smell of rotting meat, besides more serious issues could simply indicate that plaque, or spoiled food chunks (which eventually become white calcium-like deposits), have built up and become trapped in the folds and crevasses of the throat and the entrance of the sinuses. A 'water pick' filled with mouth-wash (diluted if you're sensitive) can assist with these issues.

    A sweet smell upon sneezing has been explained to me as the atomization/vaporization of mucous, this is why it does not smell much in it's traditional thicker form (as someone noted earlier). When sneezed, it breaks up into many much smaller, and easier to detect, particulates.

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