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  1. :eek:my plants are 7wk. old, 6in. high, with 6 leaves. their grown from ground in a plot I built 3"x2" in a soil mixture of sand,potting soil and some kind of mulch. WHAT DO I DO NEXT??? What do i do to cause new grow?(clip, cut, pinch???I'm going to freak out if this doesn't work. Thanks have a nice day!:confused:
  2. sounds like its not getting enough sun light, 6 in. is very very short for almost 2 months
  3. For sure, man... Either it is not getting enough sun or the soil might not be the best. Maybe there's a chance you could transplant it in a new location that would get more sun/better nutrients? That's about all I can think of.
  4. lol looks like someone didn't do their research.
  5. :rolleyes:Ya, your right! That's why I'm asking for advice. It's not as easy as I thought. Can I count on you help?
  6. Thanks, I'll try that. I have high hopes.
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    go buy a bag of fox farms ocean forrest soil. A bottle of fox farms grow big. And a small bag of perlite. Plant in full sun.

    The read all you can. every post in the forums.

    Also do not over water. evey new grower does it. Always remember to much love can be a bad thing when learning to grow.
  8. ph in soil or light all i got with out pic. there no resaon to freak it uaslly only take twoweeks to get back to ur 6 in mark
  9. Thanks Capt. I'll take the advice. Is the male plant ovious, Does it stand out real good. My eyes are bad.
  10. Thanks Man, I'll look at the local nursery for some. I'm work with bag seed for now, a friend in cali was sending me some, but know show yet. I'm running out of time waiting.

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