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Sneaky Smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Burgh4Life, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Id like to call this thread Sneaky Smokers.

    So this is a HIGHdea i had wen i just had finished my smoke 2 minutes ago. Well so here in Pittsburgh its pouring, and there are workers in the front of my i couldnt go to my usual smoke spots.

    I went up to the third floor of my crib, went into the bathroom, turned the shower on high heat and opend the shoer door.

    The room became a steam room quick, so i opened the window and began to pack my bowl and this is what i saw so u get an idea.

    Ok so i pack 3 bowls and blow my hits out the window. Of course smoke escaped into the bathroom so i used a shit ton of axe spray...

    but ok to my there are 3 siblings and my mother here haha so it was some sneaky toking cuse it wasnt no one hitter or anything it was 3 big ass bowls .

    So im guessing every toker has had some sneaky ass smoke sessions....

    Tell Us about them...

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  2. i've smoked in my bathroom before while people were in my house before. risky shit. kind of disrespectful, too, if you consider it that way

  3. what? how is it disrespectful, my mom isnt a retard im 20 she knows i smoke and i do it proudly... its my siblings i just diddnt want them seeing ttheyd get pissed thats all , chill. :smoke:
  4. ahurrrrr durrrp derrrrpppp durrpdrahdisahfsidlhfdilghdighrighaireohgfag
  5. When i lived with my mom and kidd sister i would put plastic over my vent turn my ceiling fan on high put a towel over the door and one under the door but not to where it looked obvious. Then i would open my window and blaze...after words Frebreeze would become by bestfriend, and i would just spray it a few times within 30 minutes before i opened my door or vent. :) plus imma girl so afterwards before i left my room i would pray something that smelt good but not too strong. It worked for me.

  6. swear thats exactly what i did all throughout highschool, exceptt with axe spray haha
  7. Haa. well yeaah I was in highschool and doing that, it was just too exclusive to be outside plus there was kids playing everywhere! but i didnt mind smoking at night outside either.
  8. in high school when i had to be sneaky, i'd just go with the classic towel under the door, window open, febreeze after. once, i was on a field trip and i had to hot box my sleeping bag. thankfully, we only slept in them one night and i slept before i smoked haha. otherwise i would have smelled so much.

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