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Sneaky bathroom technique

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazedHhhavoc, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. So as most of you know, a stealthy way to smoke inside is to clog your doors with towels, cut the hot water on, and toke and blow out the window, but in my case I have no window, but I do have an air vent that is meant to suck the steam from showers out. My question , would it be safe to assume I can turn on the fan, toke, blow it into the fan and be fine? Also, where would this fan most likely lead?
  2. It all depends, usually it leads outside but the fan is not the best option. i'm not sure how well it works, but im sure youd be fine if you were close enough.
  3. I wouldn't do it if I were you?
  4. If I was you, I would do it when no one was at home, and then a few minutes later came back and checked if I can smell anything. Maybe it won't be the most reliable measurement, but it's always better to check before doing it with someone at home.
  5. I smoke in the bathroom at my moms. She has a lil vent ment to remove steam and it works well. The smell is still there so I use a neutral air fresher to cover it up
  6. wash your hair right after you smoke so the air will smell good. and take some laundary sheets and stuff them inside a paper towel tube. then filter the smoke thru that. i think youll be good.
  7. Buy a god forsaken can of OZIUM. Its in every smell thread. Which clearly was not searched, just a new threw started... Again.
  8. I used to smoke in my bathroom like this : I'd put a towel under the door,open the window, turn on the little ventilator thing, and turn the shower on really hot. I'd blow out the window, and any smoke that wouldn't go through the window would be carried up by the steam from the shower. Then I would wash my hair and body with really strong smelling shampoos and soaps to make it smell better. The problem with that,was that after about a month of being in the clear, my brother opened the attic door, and it reeked of weed. The reason being that the little ventilator would take the smell into the attic. Now I have no where to smoke and have to go outside and shit. What you should do is invest in a "smokebuddy". Look it up online, it's a badass little thing you blow the smoke into and it supposedly works. Check it out.
  9. I plan on taking a shower after/ during, and I'll be in there about an hour total, and the only spray I have is some body spray , kinda like axe
  10. I wouldn't suggest doing so.. I tried once when my parents weren't home (and I have a vent which leads the air outside). I only took one small hit as a test to see how bad it would smell (and blowed the puff in the vent), then showered and came back about 15 mins after. It reeked bad in there! I couldn't smell the weed distinctly because of the shampoo/soap smell, but it definitely smelled more than just a regular shower.

    I ordered a mflb yesterday tho, didn't receive it yet but I guess I'll be able to vape in the shower with it :D.
  11. Shave once you get out of your shower.. Surprised nobodys said this. The shaving cream smells really strong and it covers it up quite well.
  12. Also one more thing, no one will go in there after, most likely, it's a personal bathroom, so will the smell reach OUT if the bathroom?
  13. I literally do this every single day of my life. I do it before the shower, and light a candle to hide the flicking of the lighter.
  14. When I read the title, I thought the OP was going to explain how to rape someone.
  15. [quote name='"Blunt Ashez"']When I read the title, I thought the OP was going to explain how to rape someone.[/quote]

    I lol'd at that
  16. If no one goes in there I'd think it'd be cool to do.
  17. I do this except I also blow my hit into a wet towel. Been doing this for about a month now

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