Sneaking weed on airplanes!

Discussion in 'General' started by teg21, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. k, i am goin gto florida in a week and was just wondereing how i could get teh weed through security and everything. Please Help!!
  2. I heard if you put the weed into small baggies and then put them into a full shampoo bottle, that the dogs can't smell it. Maybe also put the shampoo bottle in a ziploc bag. Has anyone ever done this? Does it work?
  3. yeah from what i've heard ya that should work. Take the shampoo bottle with the weed in it and put it in a ziploc bag drenched with heavy cologne.
  4. has anyone tried this??? I really need to know because i am leaving to florida on staurday and i wqant to be sure i wont get caught
  5. sounds good too me, maybe even a little overkill.. but you can never be too careful. Just make sure the bags are sealed when you put em in the shampoo, you don't want soapy bud. i'd recommend sealing them in a cigarrette celophane by lighting the side and melting it shut.
  6. You can get a full can of coffee and dig out half of it. When you get it out take the bag and ball it up and stick it down in the middle of the coffee. Take the coffee that you scraped out and put back on top of it. There is no way your will get caught.
  7. tape it right behind your nuts, even if cops search you they wont find it
  8. Those all work fine unless they X-ray your bag and can see inside. Just ask Dionne Warwick.

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