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Sneaking weed on a cruise ship

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nebula371, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Going on a cruise in a week, does anyone know a way to sneak a little bud on the ship?
  2. I would take edibles. If you're going on a cruise you'll have to sneak it through customs somehow. But that's easy enough. The thing is, fire on a ship is a huge thing. So smoking on ships is heavily monitored and there are certain places where you can smoke, and that's it. Every other place is going to have smoke alarms and cameras. And most public places on a ship, like the decks, are very public with no hope to sneak anything.
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  3. the bung hole
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  4. I did this in 06

    Brought a small spoon and a dub on and smoked in the bathroom of our cabin. We were on Norwegian.
    As to how to sneak it in I put it in my sock.

    But we didn't get checked out by customs at all, I brought a bottle of tequila back.We got on and off the ship and only had to go through a metal detector. I'm not sure what it's like now.

    Honestly I wouldn't do it again that way.

    Try some bud and a small one hitter in a marker or somethings like that free of metal
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  5. So basically, there is probably a way to get it on the ship if I were really clever. Might be a way to do some stealth smoking on the ship. But it doesn't sound like it's a great idea with cameras and k9's. Unless I want to be left in Bermuda. But that might not too bad be a thing.

    With all the crap going on in the world today, getting through customs might be more a bit more tricky then in 06 I'm thinking.

    Crap, screw it. Its not worth bringing it.

    Unless... I put a bag of oregano in my bag as a diversion while the real bud is hidden in my anus to be smoked onboard in the tip of my ciggs. Yeah, yeah, that might just work. Lol. Not a chance
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  6. Lmao I was in jail years ago and I was told that this guy had brought in 2 cartons of cigarettes up his butt lol. I don't know how he did it and I didn't smoke any of his smokes ether lol.
  7. Was his name bubba? I've never been in jail but I'm pretty sure he was very popular with everyone knowing he can fit 2 cartons up his butt.
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  8. Lol I don't remember his name but it probably was lol
  9. I've searched five different threads on this topic.... and your reply for each one has been the bung hole :laughing::laughing:

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