Sneaking seeds in international flights?

Discussion in 'General' started by MasterOG, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Title says it all, is it possible? If so, how is a surefire way to avoid getting caught?
  2. Mail them
  3. Quadruple wrap them in cellophane and put the package in your gooch. Act like nothing is out of the ordinary. Either that or just shove it up your ass. Those are two god ways to do it.
  4. im not putting anything in my ass...Is there a way to sneak em in my luggage is what i am asking
  5. 1) Get new bar of soap
    2) Get plastic soap container
    3) Cut bar of soap in half
    4) Hollow out inside of each side
    5) Stash any illegal items in bar of soap
    6) Put back together
    7) Get water on your finger and rub the line were it's cut so it seals it back up
    8) Run under hot water a few times so it looks used
    9) Shove bar of soap in ass and go through customs
    10) Win

  6. i liked it up to step 9, i aint shovin anything up my glory hole!
  7. Dude its like a couple specks. You can probably pass by just keeping then in your sock between your toes.
  8. u know they have x ray machines u gotta go through right?
  9. If their seeds I would just keep them in my pocket

  10. i was thinking of putting them in a small baggy, and putting that into the pocket of one of my jeans, folding that up and putting that in the luggage, good idea?
  11. If it's just a few seeds just put it in your clothes in your luggage it's seriously not that hard, they would have to somehow find them, then notice them at all, then send them to a lab to get them tested before they could even think of charging you.. And the bar of soap thing works fine just put it in the soap container and put it in your luggage.

  12. Ill probably do that, thanks for the help guys...besides the whole sticking it up my ass idea lol

  13. Don't knock it til ya try it. :smoke:
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    lmao ima risk taker but theres limits not even i will cross haha

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