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Sneaking Out To Smoke Anxiety?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2313, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Does anyone else get anxiety when trying to sneak out and smoke at night? This is obviously for people who live with their parents. I recently got "caught" smoking. My Dad noticed I wasn't in my bed one night when he got up and found me outside, I heard him coming and hid my plug in vape I was using in my garage. Then I ran outta my garage and tried to say that I was looking for my cat. I tried to make excuses but he told me to come over and smelled my breath. Before I got caught I ripped my bubbler e try nights for like 2 months with becoming paranoid very rarely. Now I had to hide all my shit in the woods like 100 yards from my house and when I wanna smoke always get paranoid about leaving to go get it and my Dad coming downstairs and noticing. Last night I wanted to smoke but never could sneak out cuz now my dad, who is a very light sleeper, is on my case about pot. Not really on my case but just mad suspicious and he has a really good sense of smell which is kinda weird but idk... Also I lost my eyedrops so that doesn't help. I'm so paranoid right now, I really wanna smoke but I'm scared I'll get caught. It sucks cuz I'm usually smooth enough to talk myself outta most trouble but I can't now. I need to run outside in the woods and get my trash bag with all my shit come back, check on my parents, then go back outside to prepare the bong and grind the weed, then check on my parents again, then smoke without letting the smokin get into my close and be very quite and not alert my parents. I swear it turned into fucking mission impossible when in just tryna rip a bong before bed. It's also raining right now so I'm gonna get soaked in the woods. Does anyone else have a really tough situation for steal smoking?
  2. u said u used a bong, why dont u use a pipe or make a joint that way u can hide it easier.
  3. Cuz my pipe sucks and I'm trying to get very stoned
  4. Why don't you make a fruit pipe? If you have an apple, work that shit out. 
  5. Cuz my weed is outside with the bong
  6. Run away from home. 
  7. No.
  8. you said you have a vape, smoke it in your room and blow the smoke out the window
    lol I'm gonna get a bunch of haters for saying that but meh
  9. Then you shall not fail this mission, young grasshopper. Make sure you're quiet as a mime.
  10. My Das just came down to check on my so I'm throwing up the white flag for tonight. But tmrw I'll just smoke twice as much!!
  11. Damn plans are ruined, it blows. Better luck next time. 
  12. i feel your pain, my mom is a very light sleeper and i can't get out of my room let alone my condo without here hearing the door and if i get caught i know the punishment is getting kicked out so i rarely try my luck with late night smokes
  13. My parents are usually knocked out by 11
  14. #15 BrainScratch, Jun 11, 2013
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    do an enema bong. Should help with the breath problem, unless your dad starts sticking his big nose elsewhere... hehe.. :ey:
  15. I used to rely on the same notion.  I used to smoke IN the house after I was sure they passed out since their sleeping schedule was like clockwork. 
    No reason to worry when you know the rents aren't going to even leave their room
  16. loool you got a bedtime dude? doubt youre 18
    if you are your parents are very strict and ignorant based on what you mentioned
  17. You're obviously not 18. My parents don't like me smoking in their house either but I can leave if I want I'm an adult they can't tell me to stay in bed LOL!
  18. Just bc someones parents are super strict doesn't mean the person isn't 18?  Must be nice to have such cool parents..
  19. #20 Tastytrichomes, Jun 11, 2013
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    yeah its just based on what OP described that doesnt sound like the average 18+ kid living with his parents. more like a teenage boy whose parents are overprotective of him
    OP if your parents dont want you smoking and are this strict then do it when you're with your friends

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